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IPM 2018: Driftless and blue


I bought the Driftless cardigan pattern from Grainline Studios some while ago, when it was on sale. I’ve long needed some new cardigans for my wardrobe. Every time Me Made May comes round I always comment on the lack of layering possibilities in my wardrobe and some new cardigans are long overdue.

Driftless Cardigan in blue

Very relaxed!

To quote the blurb that comes with the pattern, it “features pockets and drop shoulders. View A is straight across the bottom, while View B has a split hem and is longer in the back.”


Photo of Driftless Cardigan from Grainline Studio

Photo of Driftless Cardigan from Grainline Studio

I bought the fabric for this cardigan from Ray Stitch in London in July. I had initially ear-marked some denim-coloured marl jersey for this make. I thought this would pair well with my Capri trousers and replace a very shabby looking RTW cardigan. However, I soon discovered that there wasn’t enough fabric on the bolt and I had to pick something else (sob!) I deliberated for a long time, and in the end plumped for a lighter coloured blue marl jersey.

I made View B, which has a split hem and no buttons or button-holes. I cut the pattern, as per my size with no alterations since it is quite a relaxed style.

Driftless Cardigan in blue

Back view shows the cocoon shape

The instructions were straight-forward to follow. I hadn’t made thread chains before, but Jen from Grainline Studio had posted a video on how to make these so that was no problem. The instructions for adding the hem were helpful too. To ensure that there was no gapping between the front and back hems, it recommended that the hem is secured before sewing it.

When I wore the blue cardigan for the first time, I felt immediately like it was an old, faithful cardigan that had been in my wardrobe for ages – it felt so comfortable. However, as time has moved on I have found that I’m just not that happy with the colour I chose. I’m struggling to find good combinations with my other clothes. The darker blue would have been better, but given that wasn’t possible, I think I should have gone for a different colour entirely. Perhaps I’ll feel better about my choice when I can wear it with my lighter-coloured summer clothes, because at the moment it isn’t replacing that shabby RTW cardigan, like I’d intended. I’ll continue looking through my clothes, I’m sure there are some more combinations that will work.

Driftless Cardigan in blue

So comfy – love those long sleeves

Mr Steely took photos of me wearing the cardigan with the Hidden Cats top. I think this is very “full slouch”, even when tucked into my jeans. I prefer the cardigan with a woven top. I’ve been wearing the top loads with my favourite Sorbetto top (wow, that’s an old favourite!) The top has more structure and offsets the relaxed feel of the cardigan.

Driftless Cardigan in blue

The other noticeable thing that has bothered me is that the lower arms are quite tight-fitting.  This is the design intention, but I’m limited to wearing this cardigan over short-sleeved tops. Without thinking about it greatly, I’ve made a cardigan that is much more use for the summer than now. Indeed, I have found that this top is great in the office for staving off the chill associated with the air-conditioning!

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  7. Beautiful colour. Beautiful look. Very well job work. I like

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