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Me-Made-May 2019: Week 2


MMM-19_Week2Day 8 Me mades: Black surplice top, Black and ivory striped Driftless cardigan

Day 9 & 11 Me-mades: Grey Moss Skirt

Day 10 Me-mades: Denim jumpsuit

Day 12 Me-mades: 3/4 sleeved t-shirt, 70s flared jeans, blue Driftless cardigan

Day 13 Me-mades: Purple patterned Sorbetto top, Blue Driftless cardigan

Day 14 Me-mades: Paisley summer top

At home all this last week so much easier to choose my outfits. The week started cold so I was wearing tights, but now it is bright and sunny; wouldn’t say it is beach weather, but definitely getting warmer.

Favourite Outfit:

This was a tough call as there have been a few combinations that I hadn’t tried before this week. I’m choosing Day 12 which is a full me-made day – 3/4 sleeved t-shirt, 70s flared jeans and blue Driftless cardigan. I’m not even sure why I’d never tried this combination before, but perhaps it is because I made this cardigan towards the tail-end of the summer and it didn’t get worn that much immediately after it was made.  Anyway, the colour combinations are all blue and it pleased me.

Early takeaways:

  • My Driftless cardigans have done sterling service this week. I’m so glad I finally followed through on the wardrobe gap I repeatedly found in previous me-made-mays.
  • Possibly my wardrobe is lacking summer tops and this may bother me more when it gets warmer.

Author: steelyseamstress

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2 thoughts on “Me-Made-May 2019: Week 2

  1. You’ve got a brilliant set of coordinates there. I’m going to have to get myself organised and make sure things I make work together.

    • Thank you. I actually felt for the first time last year in MMM that I was finally getting the wardrobe I liked…before all my clothes were so random and nothing felt like it worked together as an outfit. Not sure that I’ve been particularly intentional with my choices, but it’s so much easier to choose the colours and styles I like when you sew things yourself. When I used to shop for RTW it was enough to find something that fitted, especially beyond just jeans and t-shirts, colour and style had to take a backseat.

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