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Hidden cats and blog envy


Blogging is not just about writing your own posts, but also about reading what everyone else in the blogosphere is doing. I love reading other people’s posts and never tire of seeing all the wonderful things others have made. But, I suffer from blog envy. Of course, I get jealous when I see a beautiful garment that someone has made and just wish it was in my wardrobe, that’s a given. However, I also get jealous of other people’s productivity. I know I shouldn’t. Deep down I know that I make enough clothes to prevent me walking around naked and most of the time I even dress in clothes that I like (my skills have improved to a level where I’m not embarrassed by my makes).

Even so, I’m jealous whenever I read something in a post along these lines…..”I’ve been wearing this garment for about three months and I’ve only just got round to writing about it….” Why does this make me jealous? Perhaps, it is that I’m not so productive that I “forget to blog about anything that I’ve made” or possibly it’s because I feel such a sense of achievement that I’ve managed to carve out a few hours to make something that I can’t wait to share it in a post!

So, it is a revelation this week that I am posting about a garment that I made last month and wore during Me Made May. It isn’t impressive, being just a t-shirt, but I had other posts to write so I didn’t rush to post about this one, for a change.

The most interesting thing about this t-shirt, is that it has cats! Yes, if you look closely all those swirly lines hide little cats – sitting, walking, prowling. How cool is that? I picked up the fabric at Sew Brum last year and it’s a Liberty cotton jersey. It’s beautiful and soft and it looks good with jeans.

Hidden Cat Fabric

I used K4028 again. Without the cowl and also without the sleeves (which is the View A option).

Hidden cats t-shirt

As predicted K4028 seems to behave itself more in cotton and I’m finally happy with using this pattern. I did notice though that without the cowl, it looks very similar to the Molly top from Sew Over It, which is quite a popular make.

My photographer didn’t wait for me to tuck the t-shirt in before snapping away…..

Hidden cats t-shirt

Hidden Cats t-shirt

I can see myself making more tops like this, and it was so good to be using a pattern that I didn’t have to trace so I could just maximise my sewing time.

Hidden Cats t-shirt

I like the photo below which was taken in Italy, where I’m wearing a different pair of jeans.

Hidden Cats t-shirt (taken in Italy)


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9 thoughts on “Hidden cats and blog envy

  1. I love the mention of blog envy. I definitely get it! I like the tshirt and the hidden cat fabric.

  2. That cat fabric is so cute I need some. I know what you mean about some people’s productivity. I get exhausted and panic attacks just reading some blogs 😁

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