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The Good, The Mad and The Ugly – Review 2018

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This year I made a total of 16 items; 15 sewn items and 1 knitted item. Wow, this is an all-time record for me, being quite a slow stitcher! I don’t believe I’ve improved my sewing speed, so I suspect that this record total is due to sewing quick knit fabric garments, like t-shirts, and sewing with tried and tested patterns.

I spent a few minutes updating the Wardrobe page over the weekend so that it is showing all my new makes from the last year. Whilst I was doing this, I noticed that the photographs for the recent years look so much better and wondered why. I think this may be because my wardrobe has improved generally over the last few years and I can create outfits on a daily basis that work together well. I think it is this overall improvement in my wardrobe that is reflected in the photo record.

Tradition dictates that this time of year is dedicated to a review of my sewing output from the last year. It’s good to sing the praises of the items that became firm favourites and examine those that disappointed. It helps me formulate my ongoing plans.


The Good

In the good category, I have a few contenders, but I’ve decided that the prize this year must go to the over-sized Burda sweatshirt (Burda #128 11/2012), simply because this top is warm and versatile. It was quite hot when I first made it and it didn’t get worn at all until it had been in my wardrobe for several months. Then, all of a sudden, the cold weather kicked in and I was wearing this every day. I am also desperate to make another of these tops in a different colour.

Original Post – Over-sized Burda Sweatshirt


The Mad

The prize for the “mad” item, has to go to the Drape drape 2 dress. I was sceptical how much I would like and wear this dress. The weather this summer in the UK, though was very warm for an extended period this year and the dress was perfect for that hot weather and got worn day after day. Let’s hope it’s hot again this coming year.

Drape Drape 2 No 2

Original Post – The Perfect Hot Weather Outfit


The Bad

Finally, in the bad category, I have the blue Driftless cardigan. I think this suffers from just being in not quite the right fabric. I compromised on the colour, because there just wasn’t quite enough fabric in the darker blue and I actually think the fabric is too light-weight. The cardigan doesn’t really provide much in the way of warmth, and it looks very slouchy and I find it transgresses into the dishevelled territory too much. That said, perhaps it may redeem itself during the summer months, when I don’t need cardigans so much for warmth and I can try it out with some different tops. Could I manage to embrace my inner scruff, the identity I try unsuccessfully to hide all the time! It’s strange how much a different fabric changes your perspective on a pattern. By contrast, I love my striped Driftless cardigan, but that is made from a thicker wool ponte. It’s warm and cosy and I feel that doesn’t look shabby at all.

Driftless Cardigan in blue

Very relaxed!

Original Post – Driftless and Blue



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