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IPM 2018: Cosy in me cardi!


The theme for this week’s challenge on The Monthly Stitch has been “One pattern, two ways” so I’m back with a second Driftless Cardigan from Grainline Studio.

For this cardigan I took a completely different direction with my choice of fabric. I ordered some beautiful, but expensive, wool ponte from Stone Fabrics. When I ordered the fabric from Ariane over the phone she told me just how much she loved this fabric and had used it herself to make a zip-up jacket. I was completely sold on the fabric, but was immediately feeling insanely jealous of her zip-up jacket. Anyway, I was committed to making my second Driftless cardigan and was convinced that the fabric would be a good fit for the pattern.

Grainline Driftless Cardigan

Cosy in me cardi!

When the fabric arrived, I opened the packet and a fantastic aroma of wool came forth! The fabric has a reasonable stretch, but not much more than the 20% stretch recommended in the fabric choices for the pattern. Given the narrow-fitting lower arms (see my previous make), I wisely decided to add 2 centimetres to the width from the elbow downwards. I hoped this would accommodate any long-sleeved tops that I would want to wear underneath.

The other change I made was to the back of the pattern, where I decided to eliminate the cocoon shape. I suppose this is because I was intimidated by all those stripes. I feared that the cocoon shape would make a diamond shape with the stripes and I wouldn’t be able to get this even and looking good.

Grainline Driftless Cardigan

The back view – without the cocoon shape

I do like the “straight back” that I used for this cardigan, although I was not home and dry with all the stripes. They still needed to be aligned at the side seams and on the seam that accommodates the pockets, which was particularly tricky; lots of pinning and a fair amount of unpicking was needed.

Stripes all aligned!

Stripes all aligned!

I also changed the neck and front bands so that the stripes run the length of these rather than across them. I can’t imagine how much hassle matching all those stripes would be, so this eliminated the problem and I think looks good too.

Grainline Driftless Cardigan

Take a look at the inside!

I think the striped version is my favourite, but that may be because it is warm and the weather is getting chilly. I also feel I did a good job on the stripe-matching and made some wise choices altering the pattern to eliminate the cocoon shape and widen those lower sleeves. The black and white stripes can be teamed with lots of garments in my wardrobe which is a bonus.

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