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Sewing The Seventies

What is Sewing the Seventies?

It is a sewing and knitting challenge to make clothing inspired by the fashions of the seventies.

The challenge starts today and you have until 27th March to sew or knit your garment or outfit.27th MarchHow do I join in with Sewing the Seventies?

You are all invited, no matter where you live.

  1. Leave a comment on one of my Sewing The Seventies posts or Instagram posts if you are interested.
  2. Write a blog post or post on Instagram about your seventies make in the next two months.
  3. The blog post must have “Sewing The Seventies” in the title. The Instagram tag is #sewingtheseventies2019.
  4. Add a link back here to the Steely Seamstress site or @steelyseamstress so that others can see what Sewing the Seventies is all about.
  5. Grab the Sewing the Seventies button. The code on my side bar can be copied and pasted into a Text Widget on WordPress, or you can download the image and use it on your site.
  6. I will share all your posts on this site towards the end of March.

I’m slow at sewing, or I have lots of other sewing to do?

I know the feeling! Life just keeps getting in the way of my sewing plans too. That’s why the challenge is open for two months for more sewing time. I’m not the world’s fastest at sewing either – entering just one garment is fine too! If you don’t wish to sew or knit, join me for “Living the Seventies” and immerse yourself in the decade in whatever way you wish.

I don’t have any vintage seventies patterns?

No problem! This challenge is all about the seventies vibe, so using a modern pattern with a seventies look or a seventies-inspired fabric is great too.

In fact, I’m planning to write a few “inspiration” posts in the next month, with lots of suggestions, watch out for those!

Tell me now! What’s the prize?

I’ll be announcing this soon so watch this space!