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Drape Drape 2 No 4 top


Drape drape 2 No 4Following on from my post about the Drape Drape series of books, here’s a post about my first make from the Drape Drape 2 book. I decided to make the No4 One-piece scoop neck asymmetrical top. These tops have such snappy names! I wasn’t sure which size I would be, but taking heed of the advice I’d seen on various blogs I used the size guide in the book and discovered I was an L/XL size, which seems to roughly translate as a size 10 /12 women’s size in the UK. It’s a real pity the sizes don’t go any bigger in these books, clearly they were written with Japanese women in mind.

Usually when I take on a new pattern, I’ll select a size which is roughly right and then use that to make some of my usual adjustments. The Drape drape patterns are bewildering though – I have to look carefully at the pattern to even work out where my right arm-hole should be! Given the unconventional drafting I decided that it was best to put my brain on the back-seat and just run with the size I’d chosen.

The construction of the top is very simple once you get past the idiosyncratic nature of the garment. In fact, it is quite a bit quicker to sew than a conventional t-shirt, requiring only two seams – one side seam and one shoulder seam – how crazy is that! Then there is the neckline to finish, the bottom hem and arm hems and that is it!

I’ve worn the top a few times now and can say I’m please with it. I was initially concerned that the asymmetry would be annoying. I thought I might keep noticing the two different arm hole shapes, but actually that hasn’t been the case, and it feels just like any other t-shirt. I’m particularly contented with how the drapes high my bulging mid-riff too – there’s a bonus I wasn’t expecting!


My only worry is with the fabric. I bought three lengths of this viscose-lycra blend reasonably cheaply.I was really pleased with this purchase at first, because I recognised that the drape was perfect for these drape drape garments. However, the first t-shirt I made has already starting pilling. I’m sure given more wear the same will happen to this one.

I received quite a bit of very useful feedback about that t-shirt (thanks everyone who contributed), and there seem to be ways of avoiding this. Firstly, more expensive fabric is less likely to pill, although that hasn’t always been the case. Secondly, synthetics are more inclined to pill too. I have made a t-shirt with an expensive bamboo viscose and that shows less signs of pilling – perhaps I should invest in more of that. I have bought some more viscose-lycra (but this time something more expensive) that I would like to use for the No 2 One-piece side Drape Top. I’m hoping that spending a bit more money on the fabric will pay off.

Just to finish off, I compiled a list of Drape Drape 2 projects that I could find on the internet. (Let me know if I’ve missed anything off!) There are some wonderful takes on these designs here and they’ve really inspired me, so I thought I share them all in one place:

No 1 Two-piece gather drape cape

No projects found.

No 2 One-piece side Drape Top

Jorth in coral pink

Meggi Peg in stripes

Montana Designs in blue

Nicole at Home in an ditsy print

Sew Busy Lizzy in stripes, in tie-dye print, and another in stripes.

Sew Indigo in a Missoni chevron print

Sew Smitten in animal print

Sew Well in two-tones, with sleeves

Tessuti Blog in a tie-dye print and with stripes.

No 3 Three-piece drape vest with oversized pockets

Duck Bucket in light-weight purple-and-black-striped knit

No 4 One-piece scoop neck asymmetrical top

Dreaming Dashie in neutral stripes, in grey stripes, and in red stripes

Fashion Incubator in violet

Fehr Trade blog in mustard yellow

Lula Louise in navy

Meggi Peg in black and white stripes

Nicole at Home in black and white stripes

Sew Busy Lizzy in grey stripes, in red and white stripes, and in blue and black stripes.

Sew Brunswick in black and white stripes

Sew Smitten in black and white stripes

Tanit Isis in navy and white stripes

The Surly Seamstress in navy and white stripes

This is Moonlight in red wool jersey

No 5 One-piece petal miniskirt

Nicole at Home in black bamboo-lycra

No 6 Three-piece deep cowl neck dress
Ancien Nouveau in stripes

Cyberdaze with sleeves

Sew Busy Lizzy with stripes

No 7 Two-piece open batwing dress

Ancien Nouveau sleeveless version

Cyberdaze in red and grey

Dreaming Dashie in metallic jersey

Only the Small in grey

The Perfect Nose in black and white stripes

Sew Busy Lizzy in blue

Tessuti blog sleeveless version

No 8 Two-piece gather drape blouse

Carat85 on Burda website in white

Needle and Ted in blue and white stripes

No 9 Three-piece shirred-leg tuck drape pants

No projects

No 10 Two-piece knee-length tuck drape pants

No projects

No 11 Four-piece tuck drape belted blouse

No projects

No 12 One-piece open sleeved cowl neck dress

Cyberdaze in green stripes

This is Moonlight in wool, and in blue and white stripes

No 13 Two-piece twist drape miniskirt

No projects

No 14 Four-piece fitted skirt with side gather drape

Ancien Nouveau in plain black


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10 thoughts on “Drape Drape 2 No 4 top

  1. Thank you very much for tagging me. Your version for this top is lovely, one of my favourite colours!

  2. It worked! It looks particularly good with jeans I think. Lovely colour too.

    Now I’m going to go and click through all those links…you’ve found some that are definitely new to me.

  3. I love the colour! These never look like they will work out when you start and then it gets done and it looks great!

  4. It looks great – I’ll have to investigate the making because I’m mystified at the moment

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