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The Perfect Hot Weather Outfit


It’s been hot in the UK, stupidly hot! The weather is completely unprecedented. I can’t recall more than a few drops of rain in the last month and there is nothing but parched grass everywhere. We’ve gone to the beach every weekend, which is so unusual during a British summer.

My sewing has been tailing off because it is so difficult to manage more the barest minimum at the moment, but I have sewn one fantastic garment that I have worn loads. Last year, I started looking at the patterns in Drape drape 2 book and made this t-shirt from the No 4 one-piece scoop neck asymmetrical top pattern. I also bought some fabric with the intention of making a dress from the snappily entitled pattern “No 2 One piece side drape top”. The fabric is a stretchy viscose knit with lots of drape. It was purchased from Minerva Crafts and is made in Italy. The quality is excellent. Unfortunately, I never found time to create the dress before the end of the summer and it didn’t feel like a priority when Autumn approached. This year it was top of my list for summer makes.

Drape Drape 2 No 2

I made the largest size from the pattern sheet, but I had to “narrow” the drape a little at the draped side of the pattern, since the width of my fabric was a little short of the required width.

I thought at first that perhaps I had intended to rotate the pattern 90 degrees on the fabric, but I don’t think that was my intention as the guide in the book stated 1.50m was needed and this was the width of my fabric. The pattern was actually wider than this for the largest size.

Drape Drape 2 No 2

Having adjusted for this, by subtracting some of the drape I wondered if this would be noticeable on the finished garment, but I was pleasantly pleased that enough drape existed for the “desired look”. Please forgive the bra straps in the next two photos…..

Drape Drape 2 No 2

Drape Drape 2 No 2

The construction was very simple; just a side seam, finishing the neck and sleeve openings with self-bindings and hemming the bottom of the dress. I was a little unsure of the length, I’m quite short so the dress is almost down to my knees, unlike in most of the incarnations I’ve seen on line. In fact the book actually calls it a “top” which it certainly isn’t on me! I’ve decided that I’ll leave it at this length and see how I feel about the length after a few wears. It’s good to see myself in these photos to assess the length too.

Just for fun, I’m holding the “drape” out to the side in this photo, just to give you an idea of the weird pattern this dress is constructed from.

Drape Drape 2 No 2

All in all, this dress has proved to be a blessing in the hot weather; very comfortable and also rather striking. It really works well as something to wear over a swimming costume on the way to the beach or the swimming pool. I think the fabric really makes the dress extra special.

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3 thoughts on “The Perfect Hot Weather Outfit

  1. Looking good! I haven’t used my Drape Drape book patterns yet, but you’ve inspired me to have another look.

    • I’ve been pleased with both my makes so far. But I think the No2 and No4 from Drape drape 2 are definitely patterns that lots of others have used. I think my next make from the book will have to be one of the lesser used, unusual designs.

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