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The Good, The Mad and The Ugly – Review 2017


Here we are again, at the beginning of a new year! I know you are all probably fed up with seeing yet another review. Sometimes I feel that these reviews are a self-indulgent pursuit. I mean, the only person who cares about how my clothes fit or whether they blend into my current wardrobe is me. But I think it’s important for me to critique my work, and hopefully learn a few things along the way. I hope you can stay on board while I satisfy my need to scrutinize this year’s output.

Sewing is one of those hobbies that is orientated around projects and it’s just easy to move on to the next exciting make without fully proessing all the things I’ve learned from the experience. This is the reason that I feel it is worthwhile to calmly reflect on the new additions to my wardrobe, especially now that most of them have been in general use for a while.

This year I’ve made 13 sewn items and 1 knitted item. Generally I’m very pleased with this year’s crop of clothes. There are a good mixture of garments, both casual and more smart, winter and summer. This page is a view of my me-made wardrobe, if you want to take the whole year in at a glance. Unlike in previous years, I feel I have made more items that complement the existing items in my wardrobe.

This isn’t quite the return of the “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly” though. This year, it’s morphing into “The Good, the Mad and the Ugly”. The original had two negatives and only one positive, so I wanted to redress the balance with something more upbeat. “Mad” will explore a garment that pushed boundaries for me, and is well, slightly mad.

The Good The Mad And The Ugly2017

The Good

I have decided to pick my seventies jeans for this accolade. These jeans fit wonderfully and I’m really proud of the embroidery that I did on the back pockets. It took a very long time, and all the episodes of Roots to complete, but I’m very pleased with the outcome. Like all jeans I could live in them and this pair is no exception!

There are other items that I’m pleased with too including my Deep Purple shirt and my latest Moss skirt, but my jeans are just special.

Hippy Jeans

Original Post – Hippy Jeans

The Mad

This year, I’ve been exploring Japanese patterns and designers. I bought myself a copy of Drape Drape 2. I haven’t delved into the patterns too far, but did make this top. When Linda announced the Designin’ December Challenge I starting looking at catwalk images and I was particularly drawn to the Japanese desginers. I settled on a top by Issey Miyake from his Pre Fall 2017 collection. It’s quite unusual in design, and I knew it would test my drafting skills. I drafted the front of the top from scratch, more or less and did some dart manipulation. I didn’t really have any instructions to follow for the construction either, but I have made (much to my surprise) a wearable garment!

By the way, the voting is open for this contest, do take a look at all the other fantastic makes and cast your vote (preferably for me….)

Designin' December Issey Miyake Inspired Top

Designin’ December Issey Miyake Inspired Top

Original Post – Issey Miyake inspired top for Designin’ December

The Ugly

Weirdly, the garment that I’ve chosen for this category actually ended up with being one of the most popular posts of the entire year. What can I say about this top? Lots of things were wrong here; I’m not particularly smitten with the colour, you get an eyeful of my nipples as the fabric is  thin and the fabric pilled like crazy from the first time I wore it. I intended it to go with a much-loved woolen cardigan, but somehow the cowl doesn’t look right in combination with that cardigan. Altogether, it’s disaster territory! But there are a few small plus points. I think I did mostly nail the fit of this top. My only change would be to make the neckline even higher. I had made the neckline higher than the pattern at the front anyway, but it could do with more. Next time, I’ll choose different fabric, of course. Perhaps I’ll also use the cowl variation (View B) or just a standard round neckline.


Kwik Sew K4028 Long-sleeved Tee

Original Post – Excitement followed disappointment Kwik Sew K4028

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4 thoughts on “The Good, The Mad and The Ugly – Review 2017

  1. I love the jeans and the embroidery. I have to say that I enjoy the ‘best and worst of’ more than just necessarily every post by every person–I like that they focus on what they really did and what their feelings are, and what they learned.

  2. Your jeans are just great!

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