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Me Made May – Week 3

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I wasn’t really feeling that it was right to post a frivolous missive about clothes given the shocking events in Manchester today. My thoughts go out to those affected in Manchester at this terrible time.  The news this evening though, reminded me that that’s what the perpetrators want – to disrupt our lives and make us fearful. Carrying on is our best medicine in the face of terrorism and so that is what I’m doing.

I was reminded this week why Me Made May can be such a difficult challenge. It has rained a lot this week and there were three days where the solid rain curtailed my efforts to take decent outside photographs. I know from experience that inside photos just don’t look particularly good, therefore I’ve taken several photos immediately outside my front door in order to avoid the rain, hence the inclusion of cars, litter and puddles. Sadly, I missed Day 16 as I couldn’t be bothered to get wet again, please excuse me!

On the plus side, I’ve now finished my Madalynne bra (yet to be blogged) and I’m back wearing totally me-made underwear –yay!

When the weather permitted though I have finally moved into short sleeved territory and I’m really enjoying wearing some of my creations, that haven’t been worn yet this year. This includes my navy blue cherry t-shirt (Days 22 and 23) and my white Dobby blouse (Day 18 – even if I think this a bit too short in the body).

Another make I haven’t blogged quite yet has also featured, my new Drape drape 2 top (see Days 20 and 21)

Only 8 days to go, which I’m glad about as my enthusiasm for taking photos is really starting to wane. How are you getting on with Me Made May?

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One thought on “Me Made May – Week 3

  1. I have enjoyed your me made outfits. The rain has been an additional challenge for week three but I really enjoyed putting outfits together and dashing out between showers to take photos. I am finding week four much more of a challenge.

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