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Do you think I should have had a bit part in Abigail’s Party?


I’ve finished by boho top. I wore the top today. It is incredibly comfortable. It is such a an easy style, but I think it is the silk/ cotton mix that makes it feel so wonderful.

Boho top

I did make a change to the instructions in the pattern. I decided that rather than creating a casing for elastic on the sleeves, I would just add two lines of shirring. I actually think this gives the top a more professional look.

Boho top - close-up

Do you know what I’m reminded of? Abigail’s party. In case you aren’t familiar, it is a play by Mike Leigh. It was broadcast as a Play for Today on the BBC in the 1970s. Just look at the dress Alison Steadman (standing up) is wearing! Think my top would fit in!

Abigail's Party

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3 thoughts on “Do you think I should have had a bit part in Abigail’s Party?

  1. Hello – it’s my pleasure to let you know that you won the Sew Grateful Giveaway on my Blog!
    Please let me know where you would like me to mail the ‘5 Easy Pieces’ Vogue Pattern.
    🙂 Chris
    bluesea at mantic dot org

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