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I am so lucky to live in a vibrant area. There are often community events going on and on Sunday night, wrapped up in our scarves, gloves and coats, Mr Steely, Master Steely and I set out on a neighbourhood walk. Our aim was to take in the delights of “Windows Wonderland”.


This is a neighbourhood event, which encourages people to decorate their window or windows. It was started by Lucy Reeves Khan in 2015. Here’s how she came up with the idea “I was stuck in the home for many years both as stay-at-home-mother (gorgeously frustrating) and because of chronic pain, (pretty grim). While doing short therapeutic evening walks around the block, in the dark as I didn’t want anyone to see how debilitated I was, I noticed that if the curtains were open I didn’t feel the pain so much. For years I assumed I was just a nosy parker, but I realised that the light and openness made me happier.”






One of my favourites – this is a all hand-coloured, not made of tissue paper and is a very realistic drawing of the cranes on Bristol docks.





There are some more photos of past Window Wanderlands in other neighbourhoods here and the facebook page.

I feel privileged living here with such creative people! It really brightened up an otherwise dull wintry evening. I’m hoping the event runs next year too. Master Steely looked pretty inspired, so perhaps we’ll be creating our own scene next year.

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3 thoughts on “Window Wanderland

  1. What a fabulous idea! 🙂

  2. Fun idea! Hope you get your own scene.

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