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#1year1outfit – Linen Trousers Part 2


There seems to have been one great big, black cloud, chucking rain over the house the whole weekend, leaving little very little opportunity for outdoor photos. Of course, it’s sunny now during the week, but since I’m not at home during daylight hours, I’m afraid you’ll have to be content with some indoor snaps of my linen trousers, which I’ve now completed.

This garment has been one of the very few I’ve made using the same pattern – Vogue pattern V8546. This meant it was an easy make for once. I had already adjusted the pattern for fit when I made my grey trousers and I made no further adjustments. This time the pocket construction, which had puzzled me previously, was a breeze with the extra notes I had made.



Since this is a #1year1outfit make, zips are out and the button-fly closure is in. I copied the button-fly closure from a ready-to-wear men’s jeans. Incidentally Mr Steely is hanging around while I’m writing this and feeling “faux”-peeved that I posted the crotch area of his jeans on the blog without his permission!

For the lining of the yoke and the pockets, I used more of the dock-leaved dyed silk from Majestic silks and I used two small and two large ceramic buttons from Poppy Ceramics for the closure.



My finishing touch was to use some thicker linen thread and add some running stitches in place of top-stitching around the yoke and a few embroidery stitches near the pocket to liven up this rather basic pair of trousers.


I’ve just realised how little I have to say about these trousers. They were such a breeze to put together, is this what happens when you finally become proficient? I’m probably jinxing myself with just saying that; I expect my next make will be a disaster.

I’m hoping to get some better weather soon (on a weekend) so that I can model my entire #1year1outfit make. Watch this space…

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16 thoughts on “#1year1outfit – Linen Trousers Part 2

  1. Aren’t linen trousers comfortable? Roll on summer. Nice finishing and decorative touches on these, I especially like the little bit of embroidery at the pocket.

  2. At least the inside of your house is brighter for photos than mine! Those pants look so comfortable! Nicely done. I don’t think I have ever done a button fly.

    • Really I’m surprised it’s so dark in here. I was working from home the day I took those. I had my camera on my desk ready to take advantage of any glimpse of sun for a few photos. The things I do in the name of sewing….Actually button flies were not too difficult – just copied a RTW pair of jeans.

  3. Excellent trousers, and the tiny pocket embroidery is a lovely touch!

  4. Basic trousers they may be but they look good. The buttons and the linen stitching really make them special.

    • Thank you. I have to say I actually enjoyed making them as they are a second make and all the faffing with the pattern had already been down – just some straightforward sewing.

    • Yes, I’m hoping to do #1year1outfit again. One of my aims for ages as been to make something with the “Bristol Cloth”, which is being made locally in the Bristol Textile Quarter. They haven’t quite launched the fabric yet – it will give me a chance to look at wool this year, which somehow I managed to totally miss out in 2015.

      • I haven’t heard of Bristol cloth. I must look it up.
        I am doing #year1outfit 2016 but haven’t worked anything out yet. My thoughts are also on wool, I live in sheep country so it seems right.
        I’ll be watching with interest

      • There’s a launch in May for the Bristol Cloth. Think this is going to be a wool year for me. I keep meaning to learn to knit. I’m just hoping that my dexterity has improved since last I tried!

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  6. Reblogged this on and commented:
    The trousers are gorgeous, love the cut of them. Those little details like the top stitching, embroidery stitches and cool buttons are awesome. Great detailing. Cheers, Michele

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