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Braving Burda


For a long time I have really admired everyone’s creations from Burda patterns. I like the collections that Burda produce, they seem to nod more in the direction of contemporary everyday wear and have a large number of trouser patterns, which is something that other publishers don’t really bother with much. But sadly Burda scares the daylights out of me! I downloaded a pattern recently from their website and, as I normally do before attempting a project, I tried to read through the instructions. They were utterly incomprehensible! Now, I don’t in any way consider myself any sort of expert when it comes to sewing, but I’ve usually managed with the instructions provided by Simplicity, Butterick etc. Sometimes I confirm how to approach something by looking at a video tutorial on YouTube, and generally speaking I manage quite well. But Burda patterns are something else! The instructions for the pattern I bought were so scant I really didn’t feel brave enough to contemplate starting the project.

Anyway, this last week I was away in Italy on holiday, hence the lack of posts. Sadly, I didn’t get to bore Mr and Master Steely with a trip to a fabric shop, but we did go into a newsagents. I don’t know if Italians particularly buy more magazines than people in the UK, but their newsagents are always well stocked with a huge array of publications. There were magazines to satisfy Mr Steely (motorbikes) and things to satisfy Master Steely (lego). This meant I got a good long look at the craft section. I found this Burda publication that I have never seen in the UK. It’s called “Scuola di Cucito” (Sewing School) and seems to be a basic wardrobe with simple designs with decent step-by-step instructions (hurrah!). I immediately grabbed it. It seems, after all, I might be able to make something from a Burda pattern. There may be a little head-scratching over the Italian, but I could do with expanding my vocabulary!

Burda Sewing School Cover

So here are a few pictures from the magazine that attracted me:


This is a bit of a cheat’s blouse, as it doesn’t have a collar or proper cuffs, but it has a sophisticated simplicity about it.

Burda blouse


Also, I do like the trousers (above) too. They don’t have a conventional waistband, but in the silky satin used in this book they look very smart.

Long Shirt

There’s even a very simple knit top, which I think I may end up doing as an introduction to knits.

Burda Long Shirt


I also love the leather skirt, but could I get away with wearing it?

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3 thoughts on “Braving Burda

  1. Ooh, I love the skirt, I would so make that! I’ve downloaded a blazer pattern from Burda. It is currently languishing half finished crumpled up somewhere as the instructions infuriated me. I’ve downloaded quite a few of the free patterns from burdastyle though. I’ve yet to buy a magazine yet either, I can’t find one that has enough patterns I like!

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