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#MakeNine2020 – Seventies Pattern Style 1522: A Tricky Tunic Part 2

This particular make has had some dramas, it must be said!

I cut out the fabric quite some while ago (pre-lockdown), and the top has been picked up and then dropped on numerous occasions. I have suffered some mental blocks with the instructions. I was suffering from tooth-ache at the beginning of the year and I only really progressed in earnest once that had eased and we’d established a good household routine during the lockdown. Anyway, the instructions are not particularly good. I remember making this blouse some while back and the tower placket method was actually quite straightforward, even though there were lots of steps. In comparison, this simpler placket was devilish. There is also a serious lack of instructions for finishing seams with this pattern and that really annoyed me. I ended up going my own way with that using a mixture of flat fell seams and the overlocker.

Style 1522 top

Style 1522 top: This shows the inside of the top made as per the instructions. There are no instructions for finishing the bottom of the placket at all.

The second major problem I had during this make was that my sewing machine broke too. Nightmare! I had to finish the top by hand. The armscyes were finished by hand-winding the machine (my arm felt like it would drop off after that!) The hem was hand-stitched, which was different from the instructions, but I’m happy with the finish anyway. At least I was really near the end of the construction. I really want to add some under-stitching at the collar, but that will have to wait for my machine to be fixed.


I have worn this top twice so far. The first day I wore it with a long-sleeved t-shirt underneath. I didn’t like how the top looked on that day. I felt that the top just wasn’t “my colour”. A thousand times, I wished I had made the top in black, blue or grey (all more typical for my wardrobe). I thought that it was a colour my Mum would appreciate. I even thought I would donate this top to her (not possible at the moment sadly). Then……it turned really warm and I wore the top on its own all day with jeans and I enjoyed wearing it. The fabric (a linen-rayon blend from Like Sew Amazing) and shape were comfortable even though it was very humid. I was even coming to terms with the colour.

Style 1522 Top

Style 1522 Top: Worn over long-sleeved t-shirt, worn without t-shirt underneath.

The reason I bought the fabric in this colour was that it would team well with this skirt. I haven’t worn the two together yet. I am adverse to wearing skirts at the moment; I’m living in jeans at the moment. Perhaps I’ll try the combination soon.

Would I make this pattern again? I’m not sure. I didn’t like the construction of it. The instructions felt slapdash, so I think I will only do a repeat of it, should I find some different instructions that are easier to follow and finish the insides more neatly. My version has the 3/4 length sleeves and no pockets. A top with pockets (like View 1) would be a possibility, but I think I need to wear this lilac top some more to see how much I like it. Alternatively, I could just branch out and look for another top to fill that requirement. I’ve long liked the look of The Top No 64 top from Merchant and Mills. It has a similar boxy shape, pockets, but a much easier neckline. In short, I don’t love this top, but I may grow to like it, even love it. We’ll see.



Seventies Pattern Style 1522: A Tricky Tunic Part 1

I bought this seventies pattern ages ago from a charity shop. The copyright states it is from 1976 and the styling is certainly reminiscent of the time. I’m not sure the illustrations do justice to this pattern at all; I can imagine that most of you aren’t feeling thrilled looking at this pattern envelope. However, I could see just what a versatile pattern that top is and how it would fit into my wardrobe.

Style 1522

I really love this corduroy Moss skirt I made a while back, but I am stumped about what to wear it with. Yes, the purple t-shirt below isn’t a particular good match. I wear it with black loads, but I really thought a lilac top would work well with it.

Moss Skirt

I managed to find a lilac rayon-linen blend in Like Sew Amazing that fit the bill. The lilac is sold out, but there is still some fabric in the mint colourway.

This project has been a “stop-start-stop-start” type of project. I traced and cut it out back in January, but faced with some pretty serious instruction blindness, so I have stalled several times now and I’m only making good progress now .

I’m not quite sure what the problem is with the instructions, but the construction of the collar and facing is confusing. The instructions themselves are clear enough, but seem to omit crucial details, so I’m left trying to manipulate the fabric in my head at each stage trying to convince myself that it will all turn out fine. The pictures aren’t particularly good either. I’ve been cautious and I think it is beginning to make sense now. Strangely, I don’t usually find problems with instructions in seventies patterns, so this experience is outside the norm for me.

Here’s the make so far. The yoke with its gathering is in place and I’ve got the collar attached. I just need to work out how to get the placket in place. I’ve taken a side-step to look at the sleeves (because that bit looks easier).

Style 1522

Style 1522 – Progress so far