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Sewing Rehabilitation

With so much fabric left over from the Sorbetto top, I realised that I could easily make something else. I took a look in Stylish Sewing by Laura Wilhelm. I’ve had this book for a while and attempted to make a some pyjama trousers from it. I have been pleased with the results, but I’m not sure whether I can credit Stylish Sewing with much more than inspiration for the project. I had some issues with the pattern and, in the end, drafted a new pattern myself. I also pretty much ignored the instructions in the book.

Anyway, I thought that perhaps it was time to forgive and forget and dip into this book again. I went for a very small project – the floral headscarf. I traced the pattern, cut it out in the fabric and started to stitch.

First problem, the instructions are very brief and however a triangle is cut, at least one side will always be on the bias. Perhaps I’m being a bit picky here, but it made so much sense to me to sew some stay-stitching first to the sides of the triangle. I had cut my triangle so that two sides were on the bias and when I sewed one of these sides without the stay-stitching it just ended up wobbly. I know what you’re going to say, this book is aimed at beginners! But, just a little more instruction, makes the difference between a somewhat mediocre finish and a polished look. It’s just a line of stitching on each side to keep the fabric in shape, nothing a beginner couldn’t handle.

As for the instructions to attach the tie to the scarf triangle, they made little sense and I ended up doing what I think worked best. This is what I did:

  1. I folded the tie in half, lengthwise, right-sides together and pressed.
  2. I sewed the ends of the tie with a small (0.5 cm) seam allowance up to where the scarf should be inserted (The scarf was inserted ~ 14 cm from each end)
  3. Next, I turned the tie right sides out. I turned in the seam allowance (0.5 cm) down the length of the tie and pressed again. I then attached the tie to the scarf by placing the scarf between the two sides of the tie. The scarf was therefore sandwiched between two sides of the tie.
  4. Finally, I top-stitched to attach the scarf to the tie and all around the edge of the tie, making sure that both sides of the tie were attached to the scarf.

Head Scarf

Not sure it is something to wear outside the house. Perhaps if I’d just wafted out of my pottery studio wearing something long and flowing, yes, but that isn’t me! It also rather brings to mind Felicity Kendal in The Good Life. Oh dear, that’s a bit nearer to home – all this self-sufficiency, at least on the clothing front!

The Good Life

Is Stylish Sewing rehabilitated? Not sure. I think from now I am only going to look at the pretty pictures for inspiration. It’s safer and a lot less frustrating.