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It’s raining again….yep, again. Any of you in the UK will know instantly why I’m about to have a moan about this. According to the BBC “parts of England have had their wettest January since records began more than 100 years ago, figures show”. Actually December wasn’t much better and I can’t claim I’ve seen the sun much in the last two months.

But, what has this got to do with sewing? Well, I’ve been having a real struggle over the last few weeks to photograph my projects. I would dearly like to snap all my creations in natural light. However, it is simply too dark inside during the day. Outside it is perpetually raining. I have tried to take pictures using the flash, but you get a lot of flash glare. I don’t have a very sophisticated camera or any decent lighting so I’m a little stuck. I was trying yesterday to take a decent photo of my silk skirt, the glare just made it look like it was made of PVC, not a delicate silk!

I made some items last year that I have yet to photograph. I’m promising myself that when this awful weather ends I’m going to create a gallery of all my projects.