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Pyjama Trousers, but not for me

This post got a little delayed, but managed to sneak it’s way onto The Monthly Stitch before I got time to post it here. This is my last make of 2018 and was a xmas present for Mister Steely.

The fabric is a brushed cotton in a vibrant tartan from The Fancy Silk Store in Birmingham. I picked it up during the Sew Brum event. I bought 3 metres intending to make a pair of pyjama bottoms for both myself and Mister Steely so that we could match in sad couple fashion. However, in the midst of fabric-buying frenzy or spending too much time chatting, I didn’t note the width of the fabric. When I got home I found, it is very narrow, only just over 1 metre wide. I suspect it may be difficult to make the pyjama trousers for myself as well now. We’ll see what my tessellation powers come up with later. But for now, here’s the first pair:

Pyjama Bottoms

Pyjama Bottoms – please ignore how dusty the floor is looking. Whoops – just drawn attention to that now!

The pattern is self-drafted from an existing pair of pyjama trousers. I did find this step rather troublesome as the original pyjamas had no outer leg seams. I think this is quite weird, because, generally speaking, the sewing patterns I come across have outer leg seams and inner leg seams, sometimes some more legs seams at the front and back. I suspect this may be some attempt to make construction quicker or cheaper, but it didn’t make it easy to draft a pattern from them and actual trouser legs didn’t hang straight either, but twisted as well. Anyway, using this pair as a guide for width, length and rise, I came up with a pattern.

I have matched the pattern across the seems vertically, and made a rough attempt to make the setts run continuously around the trousers.

Possibly I’m a little fussy, but I made the inner leg seams and the crotch seams as flat felled seams. I think that this will make the pyjamas more comfortable in bed as the seams are less bulky. I fully intend to make my own pyjamas, when I get round to them, this way. The hem is hand-finished too. I made a separate waistband and threaded it with some 30 mm elastic. My other half informs me that he never likes the flies on pyjamas as he worries about revealing himself when answering the door in the morning to the postman!

My other half thinks they are very warm and comfortable. He hasn’t worn them much because it has been so mild, but this weekend looks like it will be a cold one.