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Making Cargo Trousers Part 2 (Lekala #5066)


I finished my my Cargo Trousers a few days ago. Here is my Part 1 post where I talk about the inspiration for the trousers and their construction. Unfortunately, I got very dispirited when I tried them on. Lekala supposedly make a custom-fit pattern according to the measurements that you supply to them. So, why is it that when I tried the trousers on the waistband is huge? The rest of the trousers are a perfect fit! I don’t know, I could agonise over the measurements I took, I could make some judgement on whether the waist band sits in relation to my natural waist. But none of this fully accounts for being about 4 inches too big! I’m suspecting some assumptions in their algorithm about waist measurements being x distance from the hip measurement, or assumptions about the circumference being equally distributed between the back and the front of the body. This is the first time I have made trousers with a Lekala pattern, so I think this is a lesson learned. Always measure!

Lekala #5066

After much cursing, I did the following:

  • Took off the centre back belt hoop
  • Took the waistband part at the centre back
  • Cut it in half at the centre back
  • Reduced the circumference at the waist by about two inches, but cutting out a load of excess at the centre back
  • Sewed it all back up, adding the belt loop back in

I put the trousers back on and they are still loose, but adjusting the button position at the front and the use of a belt means that they are fully wearable.

Lekala #5066

I wore them to see a friend yesterday in town, and wore a wide leather belt. This turned out to be a rather uncomfortable combination as the belt tried to pull the trousers up to my natural waist and it was a little restrictive in the bum department!

Today I have been wearing a thinner elasticated belt with the trousers. They sit lower down, below the natural waist and they are now far more comfortable. In fact, they nicely adhere to the more slouchy look and feel which is more in harmony with their style.

Lekala #5066

I love the colour of these trousers though. In the back of my mind I the colour reminded of something? And then I realised where I had seen this exact shade before. It is a wife’s colour from The Handmaid’s Tale! Taking into account the lighting in these photos. Thank goodness I didn’t make this into a dress!

Handmaid's tale wife

Would I make another pair of these? Yes. I love the pockets and now I have worked my way around the construction I won’t find it so challenging a second time round. I can see a black pair would be a great addition to my wardrobe, obviously making sure the waistband fits properly.

Lekala #5066

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4 thoughts on “Making Cargo Trousers Part 2 (Lekala #5066)

  1. Wow, they look fabulous on but then again all your trousers do! I love the colour and I can see a black pair would be useful too ☺️

  2. They do look good. FWIW I had the same waist issue with my Bootstrap jeans, which are based on the Lekala system. I thought I must have measured wrong – it wasn’t totally clear if you should give the measurement for the top of the trousers or the natural waist – but now I’m wondering.

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