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Revitalised or Style Blunder: Wrap and Go Butterick 6720


At the beginning of the month, I thought I would put aside some time to revisit one of those makes that has failed to live up to expectations. These were a pair of “Wrap and Go” wrap trousers using 70s vintage pattern Butterick 6720.

Interesting, I have seen two real people (i.e. whilst walking around in town) wearing wrap trousers just like these. I assume they bought theirs. Nice to see designers flick through 70s styles for inspiration too!

Anyway, back to the changes I made to the trousers. In the past, I have found that these trousers weren’t very comfortable to wear because they dug into my stomach too much. Here are the modifications I made:

  1. Re-cut the elastic so that it wasn’t too tight
  2. Inserted wider elastic
  3. Used a button instead of a skirt hook
  4. Converted the tie so that it also uses elastic for comfort, and is just finished with the fabric.
  5. Created wider ties

I can say that this step has been very successful. They are much more comfortable to wear and unlike before, I don’t have to adjust the waist during the day.

Wrap and Go Trousers (Butterick 6720) with wrap top – too much wrapping?

The other problem was that I didn’t have a suitable top to wear with the trousers. I made this top. Does the new top work with the trousers? Here are some thoughts: colour-wise the top works well, style I’m not so sure. Is there too much “wrap-action” going on, with a wrap top and wrap trousers? The top also doesn’t tuck in at the back because of the tie.

Butterick 6720: Too many ties? And this top doesn’t tuck in properly.

I don’t think I have managed to find the right top yet. Plus, I’m still not sure whether the style of the trousers suits me. I am not used to wearing long and floating styles generally so I hope, dear readers, you may help me out with this. Have I made a style faux-pas?

Butterick 6720: Action shot! Looks good when I’m wafting along (Sorry, not sorry about the bra strap there!)

When I originally posted the make many people suggested I should wear a short/cropped top or a top which was tucked-in with these trousers. However, I just don’t have any short tops in my wardrobe and I’m not into tucking tops in; I have a very short body and this look often just seems to accentuate my somewhat odd proportions.

However, more recently I looked online I saw similar trousers from modern patterns Simplicity 4192 and Vogue 9191 paired and these were modelled with longer line tops. The big difference with the two modern patterns is that instead of gathers around the waist the trousers had darts. Would less bulk around the waist serve me better and could I then wear these with a longer top? Can I be jiggered to take these trousers apart again to add darts and lop off the excess fabric?

You may have noticed that in these photos I am wearing the trousers with the flaps at the front. This is the conventional way, but I have worn them backwards too.

Lastly, I reminded myself today of another reason why I don’t wear these trousers often. A toilet trip in which I don’t drape the trousers all over the floor requires considerable ingenuity and several extra limbs! Ah well, some makes work out brilliantly, others don’t.

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9 thoughts on “Revitalised or Style Blunder: Wrap and Go Butterick 6720

  1. I’m glad the tweaks you’ve done have made the trousers more comfortable to wear. The new top matches the colours beautifully. I looked at the other tops you linked in and it’s noticeable that they are not too long but just skimming the top of the trousers. It would be such a shame to hide the tie feature. I’m going to sound like a broken record and I know I’m a bit of a t-shirt girl myself but I’d probably go for a simple t shirt top or sleeveless vest top (v neck?) in a lovely jersey picking out one of the colours in the trousers as there are so many to choose from. You could make a t shirt that just skims the top of the trousers if you don’t want to tuck it in. Haha, yes going to the toilet. I think that’s the same problem I have with jumpsuits 😀

    • Yep, I agree. Back to the drawing board with this one! But now that they are so much more comfortable to wear, I think it will be worth the effort finding a top that will go with them.

  2. They look great, and I’m sure are much more comfortable now.

    I’m short and stocky, and I think they’re something that I would wear over a swimming costume, rather than out & about. (Body issues, me?…) Which makes me think that I think they look good with a fitted top (scoop neck vest top or body?)…

    My cunning method of seeing what colour a print feels like to me (remove glasses, hold phone about 6 or 7 inches from my face so everything is blurry) gives the material a much darker tone than the cream top – have you got a maroon top to try it with?

    • Good idea to use them as beach wear. At least then I won’t have to try to figure out what top goes with them. Now that they are comfy I will put in more effort to finding a good match. Like the phone / colour-matching idea – and sometimes it is great not having perfect vision, cos you can do things like that! I’m also great at chopping onions, because when I wear contact lenses, I don’t cry!

  3. I like the both the trousers and the top very much indeed, however I agree I don’t think it’s working well around your waist. Just a suggestion: tucked-in top with cardigan?

  4. Oh! I never even thought about bathroom trips! I love your fabric. I’ve seen these around off and on for years and always have been curious about them!

    • They are quite a comfy make, with the adjustments I made and you don’t really flash much leg either – it was a very windy day in the photos and I like quite near the coast. As far as bathroom trips are concerned, I have to gather up the excess fabric in my arms before committing to the seat – very awkward!

  5. Hmm, I think I was Team Tucked In originally, but I see what you mean. Some kind of caftan top with side slits? I think the length will be critical. The two you linked to seem to have the hem of the top at a length that divides the figure in two. And I second the recommendation to try maroon, or even navy blue. Looks like there’s a bit of blue in the print.

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