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Me-Made-May 2021 Initial Plans

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Each Me Made May I do like to try something different and this year I thought I’d play with the concept of a capsule wardrobe. What I’m going to do, is choose three colour-themed wardrobes based on nine different items and then mix and match those items to create my outfits. Each wardrobe is a 3 x 3 grid Soduko style, so I choose a top, a bottom and an over layer for each day.

Here is my first wardrobe as an example. I’ve chosen a brown-blue colour theme for this one. I suppose there is also a fair bit of orange too. I’m proposing to use these nine items over the next 8 to 9 days. Last month I participated for 2-3 weeks with #sewhappycolor2021. I really enjoyed the challenge and did discover a few interesting garment combinations in the process (I’m sure some will make a reappearance in Me Made May). However, I did end up with an untidy situation in the bedroom where I just kept on pulling new items out the wardrobe for a one day outing and never putting them back in. With more of a plan, I’m hoping to avoid that the chaos this time!

I’m slightly worried about the weather being too cold, so if I need to I will swap out the orange t-shirt for a long-sleeved top and update my Sudoko square. I can see that there are combinations of all sorts in there; some obvious, a few interesting ones, a couple of really boring ones, and some really “challenging” ones (possibly eye-sores).

Brown-blue wardrobe Sudoko style
Brown-blue wardrobe Sudoko style: From the top, left to right 1. Orange, brown and purple seventies shirt 2. Navy velvet Lulu cardigan (Scout Patterns) 3. Peter and the Wolf Jeans (Papercut Patterns) 4. Brown flares (vintage Butterick) 5. White linen shirt (Modellina Italian sewing magazine) 6. Striped Toasty Slipover (adapted from Martin Storey) 7. Brown RTW cardigan (must be about 20 years old and still going strong) 8. Self-drafted silk dupion skirt 9. Orange RTW t-shirt (about 15 years old)

On to the pledge for #memademay2021 (@sozoblog):

I, Steely Seamstress pledge to enjoy my me-mades, but not to the exclusion of the odd well-worn RTW item throughout May. I will follow my “Wardrobe Sudoko” plan and create interesting (and possibly wild) combinations and definitely not have a huge disorderly pile of clothes in my bedroom in the process!

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One thought on “Me-Made-May 2021 Initial Plans

  1. What a great way to organise the outfits and I can see several combinations in there already. I’m laughing at your eyesore comment because I’m wondering if you’re thinking your blue stripey tank top over your orange seventies shirt. Actually I think it would look great and very Gucci especially worn with your jeans or brown cords. I’m wanting to take part this year. I may only dip in now and again as I don’t think I’ve got the energy to plan something every day but I really do want to start wearing my memades more and more.

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