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Me Made May 2020: Week 2 – The White Stripes?

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This week I wore a new make, a lilac top, made from a seventies pattern. The jury is still out on that top. I liked wearing it more without the long-sleeved t-shirt underneath, but I keep on thinking that the colour isn’t really me.

That was the sartorial high-point for the week, because the clothes just ended up a bit repetitive and a bit stripy after that. I hadn’t even realised I’d maxed out on the stripes until I put this photos together today!



Day 8 Me mades: Lilac 70s top, Blue Wolfie jeans

Day 9 Me-mades: Lilac 70s top, Blue Wolfie jeans

Day 10 Me-mades: Blue/grey striped long-sleeved t-shirt, demin jumpsuit

Day 11 Me-mades: Black surplice top, Black/white Driftless cardigan

Day 12 Me-mades: Black gothic shirt, Black/white Driftless cardigan

Day 13 Me-mades: Black gothic shirtGrey hoodie

Day 14 Me-mades: Red striped long-sleeved t-shirt, Black skinny jeans, Grey hoodie

Favourite Outfit:

Most of these outfits I worn many times before, so just for the novelty I am going to say Day 8, the lilac 70s top and Peter and the Wolf jeans.

Early takeaways:

  • The weather was warm at the start of the week, but then got quite cold. I resorted to some favourite weekend clothes. I reached for the Black/white striped wool Driftless cardigan and the grey hoodie to cover up when it got cold in the evenings, even in the house. I could definitely do with another hoodie in my wardrobe.
  • I haven’t been wearing any skirts, and have been wearing mostly jeans. I don’t have huge amounts of choice when it comes to jeans. It’s not normally a problem, because I’m usually wearing more skirts or wide-legged trousers to work and the jeans at the weekend. Looking over the blog, I haven’t sewn any “bottoms” since last year, apart from yoga leggings. I’m overdue for a new pair of jeans. I repaired my last RTW pair recently in order to keep them going.

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