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Me Made May 2020: Week 1 – Clothes on repeat

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It’s the end of the first week of Me Made May. Unlike a lot of people, I still get dressed everyday! I’m just one of those people for whom getting dressed is part of a routine and I don’t feel that I’m “facing the day” unless I’ve got day clothes on. That said I have noticed that I have been more casual in my choices.

This week, unfortunately, my sewing machine decided to stop working. I know what the problem is (one of the wires that goes into the foot pedal) I’ll need to replace the whole cable “harness”, but as I have quite an old Singer machine, my choices for getting this fixed are limited and I expect to be without my machine for quite a while. So I’m going to be stuck with tracing patterns, cutting out fabric and using the overlocker for a while.

MMM20 - Week1

Me Made May 2020 – Week1

Day 1 Me mades: White linen shirt, Toasty Sweater

Day 2 Me-mades: White linen shirt, Teal Sweatshirt

Day 3 Me-mades: Red striped long-sleeved t-shirt, Black Driftless cardigan

Day 4 & 5 Me-mades: Purple shirt, Blue Wolfie jeans, Teal Sweatshirt

Day 6 Me-mades: Blue/grey striped long-sleeved t-shirt, Blue Wolfie jeans, Grey hoodie

Day 7 Me-mades: Rainbow top, Black Driftless cardigan


Favourite Outfit:

I’m choosing Day 7. It isn’t a full me-made day, but it was a perfect choice for a warm-ish day and the rainbow top always cheers me up.

Early takeaways:

  • The weather has been yo-yo-ing up and down this week and it has been a struggle to select the right outfit for the day. Some days I felt too hot, others too cold. I hope I’ll get better at this, but I suspect that with the weather lined up again to go from one extreme to another I’ll probably make the same mistakes.
  • I haven’t been wearing any skirts. This is primarily because I don’t want to change again, when the hour for exercise comes around. This may change if the weather gets much warmer as I like wearing skirts, more than trousers in hot weather.

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