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Seventies Fashion: The Mafia Only Kills in Summer TV series Episodes 3 & 4


I got a little distracted in recording my makes, so I’m back again today with the next installment of “The Mafia Only Kills In Summer”, and Italian TV series set in the seventies. The whole series is still available on Channel 4. The next two episodes have got to be my favourites from the point of view of the story, they are both very poignant and really highlight Sicily’s struggles with the mafia.

Episode 3 – Men of Colorado

In this episode, a journalist has been invited to Salvatore’s school to lead a school project. The students’ task is to write about a subject that is important to them. Salvatore stuck with classmate Santina rather than being paired with Alice for the project, decides to pick a topic that greatly concerns him – why is the water supply in his family’s home so unpredictable and yet in some households the taps never run dry? He’s worried that his subject isn’t interesting, but is encouraged by the journalist’s supportive words. He finds out that three rivers used to converge within the locality, and yet there are always water shortages. We also spend more time in the company of Salvatore’s flamboyant Uncle Massimo, who works for the Forestry Commission as he, Santina, Fofo, and Alice try to find the source of one of the rivers.

Massimo Forestry Commission

Massimo, in his Forestry Commission uniform, gets lost at his office – He hardly ever visits it.


Rosario jacket and orange jumper

Rosario “looking cool”, Angela’s boyfriend in his jacket, orange jumper and shades


Will Angela persuade Rosario to take off his shades?


Clockwise from top left: Rosario’s jacket on set, Julien Chore Jacket from Ready to Sew, Vintage Simplicity 9592 and Simplicity Hackalong

Episode 4 – Tore

The Giammarresi family spend the weekend with Pia’s parents who live in the country, not far from Corleone. Massimo and Patrizia are invited too. They all hope to persuade Tore, Pia’s father to sell a parcel of land the family own to a new TV company, run by Silvio Berlusconi. The land is hardly used as it isn’t good farm land, being located in one of the most elevated areas on the island. The TV company plan to erect TV masts and start broadcasting a new channel in the region. The price they offer for the land would be enough for the family and Massimo to buy apartments in Palermo. However, Tore is not persuaded to sell the land and after he falls ill, Salvatore discovers the reasons why.

Pia's shirt dress

Pia’s shirt dress


Pia's shirt dress

Clockwise from top left: Pia’s shirt dress on set, Byrdie button-up dress from Pattern Scout, Pia’s shirt dress back view, vintage pattern Simplicity 8983

Meanwhile Angela plans a secret tryst with her boyfriend, Rosario, which doesn’t go to plan either.

Angela shirt and short-sleeved cardigan

Is this my favourite of Angela’s outfits? It seems such a mismatched ensemble of different colours and styles, but it just seems to work.


Angela's cardigan

Clockwise from top left: Angela’s cardigan, Curio cardigan, Hetty cardigan, Flippant cardigan

Links to sewing and knitting patterns:

Rosario’s jacket

Julien Chore jacket

Simplicity 8700

Pia’s shirt dress

Byrdie Button-up Dress

Angela’s cardigan

Curio cardigan

Flippant cardigan

Hetty cardigan

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  1. I really like this article! a fun way to see fashion

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