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Pyjama trousers for me this time


This is the first make of the year – sorry, it has taken a while to post anything. There isn’t much daylight at the moment so photo opportunities are very limited.

I had bought some lovely soft brushed cotton in a red and black tartan in Birmingham at Sew Brum in 2018. I immediately made some pyjama bottoms for Mr Steely. The plan had always been to made a pair for myself as well, but I put this off as I knew that cutting a second pair of PJ trousers from the remaining fabric would be tricky. I think I must have made some sort of narrow vs wide fabric width calculation-fail when I bought this, because I felt sure I’d bought enough fabric at the time.

So time for fabric tetris – I cut the four trouser pieces, but found them rather short (think Jodie Whittaker playing Doctor Who for the look), so I decided to add extra on the bottom with the fabric on the bias.

Shorter length trousers on Doctor Who

Shorter length trousers on Doctor Who

Yep, I know, let’s face it I made a mistake, but I’m a great believer in turning a mistake into a design feature! The waistband was a combination of smaller rectangles that just about made it round my girth!

So here we are….a pair of pyjama trousers, so I can match Mister Steely. Actually, the bias cut “design feature” is handy for telling the two pairs apart too.

My pyjamas - I really dig my cute slippers too.

My pyjamas – I really dig my cute slippers too.

I think I will add either a label or perhaps a small pocket on the front of the trousers, as I have to peer down at the crotch to figure out which way round to put them on. I realise it hasn’t ever been a problem with trousers before as there is usually a fly front so that I can tell which way round it all goes. But I’m not a great fan of putting labels in things as I usually find them irritating or scratchy.

My pyjamas

My pyjamas lounging on the sofa

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2 thoughts on “Pyjama trousers for me this time

  1. I was just teaching my sewing class kids how to hold up their new-made trousers and tell which was front and back

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