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A sneek peek at my latest make: Loose-fitting Top with Tassels Part 1

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I haven’t quite finished my latest make, but there is quite a bit to talk about with this one so I thought I’d divide it across two posts.

In the dim distant past, when I shopped for clothes I used to buy quite a few loose-fitting tops often with long sleeves that I could just easily throw on. They often had embroidery or ties around the neckline and had a boho/ hippie vibe. Over the years these have worked their way out of my wardrobe, but I do miss them. They go well with jeans and being loose-fitting I often wore them to work to survive the ridiculously high temperatures in the office.

I have a few tunic top patterns in my collection, but because I have quite a busy fabric in mind (more about that in the next post), I picked the most simple in my collection. This pattern was picked up from the swap table at Sew Brumthe Tamsyn top. The pattern originally came from the Simply Sewing magazine.

Tamsyn top

Tamsyn top

I must admit, I have my doubts about this pattern. I don’t like the fit on the model. It looks suspiciously like the top is pulling across the chest. Look how that neckline has opened out above the split and there are some drag lines too coming down from the shoulder. Looking at the back it looks really voluminous, overly so compared to the front, which I think makes it look odd.

Tamsyn top - back view

Tamsyn top – back view

Anyway, there is no reason why the top should look odd on me. The fabric I’m going to use has more drape and I shall make any necessary fit adjustments. I just need to ignore that photo, even though it bothers me!

The pattern also calls for two tassels to decorate the neck opening. I hadn’t ever made tassels before. I found a couple of tutorials on line on Seamwork. and on The foldline They are broadly similar. I actually used the Seamwork one. The tassels were made using cotton embroidery floss and chose a couple of bright colours I had lurking in my stash.


Tassels from embroidery thread

The tassels were surprisingly easy to make and I could make one in under ten minutes. I think I can see myself adorning more tops with these! Or finding some other uses for tassels, there are plenty of ideas in Pinterest.

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