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Me-Made-May 2019: Summary and some graphs

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I thought I was late in writing my last post on Me-Made-May, but there seem to be a crop of them this week. After posting my MS Excel spreadsheet up, Jane of Sewliloquy commented that graphs would be even better than a spreadsheet. And being a woman who believes that a picture is worth a thousand words (and a graph at least a miliion), I bring you the required graphical delights!

Grpah 1 – This describes the number of wears in the month of May by pattern company.

There aren’t too many surprises here. I think that it was going to be obvious that the Burda patterns would win out. I think the reason may simply be that I have a fair few Burda magazines and when I want to create something new, my first thought is to flick through all the patterns I have, including the Burda magazines looking for a suitable design candidate for my needs. It’s only when I’m completely lacking inspiration or when I simply want to avoid doing lots of pattern hacking that I’ll buy something new. Out of the Indie companies I wore my Grainline Studio makes loads, particularly that blue cardigan which I thought wasn’t the right colour (just shows that time in the wardrobe can change an unloved item into something I wear continually). Coming in third, were my Butterick makes – but that may be because of the 70s hippy jeans that were on constant rotation this month.


The cardigan I have worn endlessly in May:

Graph 2 – This describes the number of wears in the month of May by colour

I’ve continued to keep data on my colour choices because this is an area of my wardrobe that has long held concern. When I bought RTW clothes, my primary concern was whether the garment fit me, and so all sorts of colours seeped into my wardrobe and it was very cohesive. Given a few years and the colour choices are now more streamlined and only occasionally do I find that an existing item or a new item doesn’t have a natural pairing in my wardrobe. As can be seen in the grpah, blue wins out (mostly jeans in here to be honest), but black and grey featured too. These I suppose are my neutrals. Then I have quite a few teal, green and purple clothes. The outliers are the browns, oranges, reds and beiges. Thankfully I seem to have pretty much eliminated yellow and pink (they’ve never been favourites). I think I do need to create more black and green items in my wardrobe, just so that the mixing and matching is even better. I keep on meaning to do the Wardobe Architect series from Colette or some such equivalent with a view to properly recording my style / colour preferences, but have never got around to it.

PerColourI need more black in my life!

Grpah 3 – This describes the percentage of me-mades each year since 2015

I love this graph! I get such feeling of accomplishment, just gazing at this! As you can see there is a gradually increasing trend for more me-mades since 2015. There is the weird blip that is 2017 – that year a deliberately went all out to wear only me-mades, which at that point was just about possible. Since then, I have fallen back into just wearing what feels right each day. My %me-made for 2019 is 74.7% and I think this probably reflects my wardrobe as a whole. I know I could throw out all my RTWs tonight, but that would just be wasteful when I can get more use out of them.


A favourite outfit with mix of me-made and RTW items:




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One thought on “Me-Made-May 2019: Summary and some graphs

  1. I love those graphs but then you knew I would! I really like the one about colours. I think I’d like to do one on my wardrobe but I’ve a sneaky feeling it might be 90% black!! While you say you need more black I think I need more colour!! Interesting comparing pattern brands too. Like you I tend to use my Burdastyle stash as I can usually find something in them even if they need a slight tweak. I’ve never used an indie pattern so could do with venturing into them. It’s just the expense that puts me off.

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