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Sewing The Seventies: Make 2 – Denim Jumpsuit Part 2


Yes, I will admit that I’ve taken my time writing about my makes for Sewing The Seventies. Somehow the start of 2019 has been so busy for me. I’ve found some time to sew, but not a lot of time for all the blogging I’d intended to do.

Anyway, I’ve finally finished my jumpsuit! The jumpsuit pattern I used was a Burda pattern taken from their seventies vintage special magazine. My previous post describes the decision-making process for this jumpsuit as I deviated quite a bit from the original pattern. The pattern is designed to be made with jersey and lined, but I made an unlined jumpsuit in non-stretch denim. For this reason, I had to be very careful about making sure I could still move in my creation. I sewed the top and bottom of the jumpsuit, tacked them together and then did a lot of bending and stretching in the garment to make sure I was satisfied with the fit.

Cher Catsuit (V2-70)

Cher Catsuit (V2-70)

I made some changes to the pattern, I was concerned that if I made the pattern as it was in denim it would just look like the boiler suit Mr Steely wears for working on motorbikes! I thought the addition of all the top-stitching and the short sleeves took this it out of blue workmen’s boiler suit territory, until I put the finished garment on for the first time and Master Steely’s commented it was just like something a mechanic would wear. (Oh well, what does he know? He’s a teenager!) Perhaps I should have chosen a different colour, Mr Steely was all into the idea of a Kill Bill-style yellow suit. Really? I think I shall ignore that suggestion.

Kill Bill

Kill Bill – A yellow catsuit?

Anyway, I decided to make short-sleeves and used the sleeves from this seventies blouse as a substitute. I also decided to max out on the pockets adding patch pockets to the front and the back. The front pockets were taken from the Lander pattern and the back pockets from this seventies jeans pattern. Altogether this make was a real mish-mash!

Cher Catsuit (V2-70) – from the back

There is one thing I haven’t quite managed to do and that is create a belt for my jumpsuit. I’m still pondering what belt buckle to use, so the jumpsuit is still missing the belt loops and a belt, but at least I can wear it. Perhaps it just looks fine with the belt I’ve already chosen?

Bond villain pose?!

Bond villain pose?!

The jumpsuit was actually quite hard to make. The Burda instructions were essentially impossible to follow and this is the first jumpsuit I’ve made so it wasn’t easy to rely on my own experience here. I found the zip insertion instructions a complete nonsense and I probably over-manipulated the placket. It isn’t as tidy as I would have liked, but I’ll just have to live with that.

Cher Catsuit (V2-70)

Cher Catsuit (V2-70) – top.

I’m hoping that the jumpsuit can be worn with a long-sleeved t-shirt or jumper underneath in winter and on its own for summer.

Cher Catsuit (V2-70)

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15 thoughts on “Sewing The Seventies: Make 2 – Denim Jumpsuit Part 2

  1. Looks like an excellent end result!

  2. The non stretch denim gives it more of a vintage vibe but very on trend none the less! Do you think blue boiler suits are de rigeur for working on motorbikes as my husband has one too!!! 😁

    • Thank you – wasn’t sure I could pull the non-stretch denim off on this pattern, but seems to have worked ok. Blue boiler suits are the definitely the garment of choice for motorcycle “fettling”. Although personally, I always liked wearing my bike leathers – don’t get so much of a chance to do that these days!

  3. It’s brilliant & I love how you really made it your own. The pockets and top stitching look great x

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