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Sewing The Seventies: The Entries


The end of March is truly upon us and it’s now time to share all your fabulous makes from Sewing The Seventies.

By the way, I noticed that all I could find were Instagram makes. I hope I haven’t left anyone off the the poll, as there were a couple of people with blogs who expressed an interest. Let me know if I’m missed an entry (I truly hope I haven’t), and I can update the poll.

Here are the makes so you know what you are voting for and good luck!

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The 70s week #gbsbsewalong sewing challenge calls for 70s dance moves! Here are more details for those interested: . I chose view A of vintage #butterick5848 , but happened to have the fabric color and bias binding of view C, so I went for it. This was my first time sewing a vintage pattern, and I approached it as a wearable toile for a future #ImAllAmal dress. I learned that all the markings on the pattern tissue are important, while the printed instructions expect you to have a working knowledge of basic sewing. Example of the directions: “Insert zipper in back opening.” That’s it! . Mods: shortened bodice by 1”, shortened skirt by 3”, left off the zipper because of my very stretchy knit fabric, and thus simply sewed the center back 6” from the neckline, then closed opening with a hook and eye after finishing raw edges. Finally, because the length was so short already, I put in a 1/4” hem rather than a 1 1/4” hem on the dress. . I recently laughed @curious__fi ’s post where she said, “Don’t believe everything you see on the Internet kids”, because I feel the same way about my dress. I did the opposite of my prior GBSB Sewalong Cotton wrap skirt—instead of working early, diligently, carefully, I procrastinated and left off the sewing of this dress until rather late. If Patrick Grant were to scrutinize it, he would turn to me and say, “I think we can agree that this is not your best work.” I would mutely nod in acknowledgement of the shiny seams where I didn’t use a presscloth, the dodgy 2 AM stitching that is NOT in the ditch, the meandering stitches along the hem. 🙍🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️I admit all this to show that truly I am still learning and I make mistakes. I will say that the dress fits well, and I’ll most likely wear it at home. . Swipe to see the fabric for my headscarf – if that bright floral poly crepe doesn’t say 70s, I don’t know what does! That, and the teal interlock fabric, purple bias binding, pattern, even vintage seam lace on the inside are courtesy of @austincreativereuse . . I’m entering this into three sewing challenges – #sewthatpatternnow #makeyourstash #sewingtheseventies2019 . #b5848 #butterickpatterns #WakeToMake #ShortSewists #POCWhoSews

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2 thoughts on “Sewing The Seventies: The Entries

  1. Some fabulous entries this year – it’s tough to choose a favourite!

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