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Sewing The Seventies: Prize Announcement 2019


Our deadline for Sewing the Seventies is nearly here! I’m sure you’re all waiting to hear more about the prize. This year, I have decided on some fabric and a sewing journal.

The sewing journal’s cover is a McCalls pattern envelope and the pages are interspersed with other McCalls pattern envelopes from the sixties and the seventies. It amused me that I recognised one of the patterns in there – the one that I had used for my faux fur jacket!

The fabric is a viscose crepe with a dramatic floral pattern. It also has a broderie anglaise border. Perfect for a dramatic blouse, or draping skirt or dress.

Finally, I thought I’d just mention that Sewing the Seventies finishes on 27th March. If you are taking part let me know by replying to this blog post (if you haven’t already replied to a post already) or posting on Instagram under #SewingTheSeventies2019. I will then gather all the entries and post a round-up of all the makes in the following week. Until then, happy sewing!

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3 thoughts on “Sewing The Seventies: Prize Announcement 2019

  1. I’m so sorry as I wanted to do a seventies inspiration post on my blog but I’ve run out of time because of sewing commissions I’m currently bogged down with. I will try and sew something seventies later in the year (likely to be after May). I can’t wait to see the winning entry and I’m quite jealous because I love those prizes! 🙂

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