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Sewing The Seventies 2019 – Launch


It’s January and the seventies are back again! I’ve already been dipping into my hoard of seventies patterns to make and my head in buzzing with seventies inspiration to share.

Since last year I’ve looked at the blog posts that were most popular, and I’m hoping to build on those. The one-year-per-day history posts were incredibly popular. Sure, they were a load of work, but I got so much enjoyment out of the comments, I thought it would be well worth running something similar again. But, how can I make them different? And how can I escape the feeling that I spent my ten days in the decade typing blog posts, a very un-1970s activity? We’ll see.

My inspiration for this year’s theme came from two TV series that I watched this year, both, of course set in the seventies. The first was Trust, which is a US series, following the kidnapping of John Paul Getty Junior in Italy. The second was Maltese which is an Italian crime series following a detective in Sicily, investigating mafia crimes, against incredible odds. I will review both of these, particular looking at the clothing and fashion, in due course. Anyway, I was inspired to make this year’s Sewing The Seventies theme Italian.

As usual, I will be running the Sewing The Seventies contest which invites you all to create beautiful seventies-inspired fashions. There will be more to follow on this soon, but I have written all the rules and what-not on this page. Best of luck!

Trust – Gail Getty (Hilary Swank) ©2018, FX Networks, photo by Philipe Antonello


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3 thoughts on “Sewing The Seventies 2019 – Launch

  1. I really enjoyed your posts on this last year, so I’ll have to see if I can spin the 70s into my SWAP sewing…

  2. I had so much fun doing this last year but as I won it’s probably another person’s turn this year. I’ve made one lot of the prize fabric up and I know what I want to make with the other which I’ll try and do before the end of the competition as an inspiration post 😊

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