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Me-made-May 2018: Week 4 – Review

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This last week and a half of Me-Made-May is where it gets tough. As usual, I’m getting tired of coercing someone to take photos and indeed forgot to take photos on some days, but these were repeats of previously garments so it is no great loss.

I also was on holiday for part of the last week, which means that the choice of clothes is limited by my suitcase size (and that was very small to avoid all of Ryanair’s extra charges). I probably didn’t “mindfully” choose my clothes so much this week, but there are still some good combinations.

Day 21: Balloon top *forgot to take picture

Day 22: Red Sorbetto top, Dark blue Wolfie jeans

Day 23: Navy cherries topHelicopter Jacket

Day 24: Balloon top, Helicopter Jacket *forgot to take picture

Day 25: Brown boho top

Day 26: Navy cherries top, Beige Wolfie trousers

Day 27: White Capri trousers, Petrol Jenna Cardigan

Day 28: White Capri trousers, Petrol Jenna Cardigan

Day 29: Hidden kitten top (not blogged yet)

Day 30: Hidden kitten top (not blogged yet), Petrol Jenna Cardigan

Day 31: Green wrap skirt, White beach cover-up

MMM-18 Week4

Favourite Outfit:

I was surprised how much I liked the navy cherries top. It hasn’t been an instant favourite, but teamed with the red skirt or the beige trousers I’ve been pleased how well it works.

Navy cherry tee and Wolfie trousers

Navy cherry tee and Wolfie trousers

Final takeaways:

  • There are some me-made items tucked away in drawers that I need to alter. It would be good to get these back into rotation. A few times I wanted to wear my white dobby top, only to remember that it is too short at the front and I need to make some sort of alteration to it.
  • I managed to make a hole in a pair of 3/4 length RTW trousers whilst clambering on rocks at the beach! They are now unwearable and unmendable as they are so thin on the backside. I will need to make another pair of Capri trousers / culottes very soon.
  • Cardigans…….I will make these, I promise!

Throughout this month, I had also been filling in a spreadsheet detailing the day’s outfit and calculating some statistics. This year, unlike last year, I didn’t try just to wear me-mades. I wanted to find out what percentage of my clothes are me-made, if I just picked outfits from my wardrobe as I normally do, without any me-made bias. I found that 67.7% of the tops are me-made, 58.1% of the trousers / skirts and 64.5% of the outer layers were me-made. Overall, 63.4% of the garments were me-made. Not bad! I don’t know it that reflects the entirety of my wardrobe as I didn’t wear all my me-mades, for example, the winter clothing. Will I get to 100% me-made? Probably not for a while as I still have many serviceable RTW items. I’m in no hurry to reach that goal.

I noticed that 15.5% of the garments were made from Burda patterns. I have noticed a shift in my choice of patterns. I find that buying magazines is quite a cheap way of buying new patterns as you get several in a magazine. I also don’t feel guilty if I sew just one or two from a magazine – that still works out cheaper that a “pattern envelope” buy. More importantly I think this change in my sewing habits reflects more confidence in my abilities. So what if Burda can’t write instructions for toffee! I’ll figure out how to make the garment anyway.

This year May was far warmer than last year. I wore short sleeves 48.4% of the time compared to 32.3% of the time last year. I think I went on holiday to Italy for a similar amount of time too last year, so the difference has got to be the weather in the UK….. can’t complain about that!

I did wear significantly less skirts (12.9%) than last year (31.0%). It may be that last year I was consciously trying to wear as many of my me-mades as possible. This year my use of skirts compared to trousers probably better reflects how I dress on a day-by-day basis.

That’s it for another year. I can’t believe I’ve taken part in five Me-Made-Mays! My thanks as always to Zoe at Sozowhatdoyouknow, who came up with Me-made-May and makes it happen every year!


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