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Me Made May 2017 – Week 2


This week the weather has been a bit warmer and I’ve moved into wearing my only cardigan, my Jenna cardigan all the time! Unfortunately, the “petrol” colour is hard to pair with many of my clothes – I’m looking at you day 8 colour disaster here! But I’m particularly pleased with the Day 9 outfit, which teams the cardigan with my cowl-collared t-shirt and beige trousers. It’s a satisfying colour combination and the cardigan, when buttoned up, has the great advantage of keeping that revealing cowl in check!

I also gave in this week on me-made bra wearing. It got a bit too hot for my only piece of me-made underwear, but as I’m making a bra at the moment I hope that the me-made underwear gap won’t be too long-lived. I’m still going strong on the knicker rotation!


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5 thoughts on “Me Made May 2017 – Week 2

  1. It would be a bit of fun to see a montage of all of these photos so you can watch the outfits change around the cardigan! I like the way you’ve taken on the challenge of mixing things up – all of your outfits are quite different, even with the same cardigan on.

    Does this mean you’ll be adding a couple of new cardigans to your wardrobe soon?

    • Actually it has been a good chance to really mash up my makes and try different combination. I think I often make something as a pair with something else, but this month I’m trying to make my wardrobe work as a whole. Yep, cardigans are big on my list over the next few months – I would love to try knitting one, but I’m such a slow knitter….

  2. I love those jeans! Nice work on memademay!

  3. Yes, the cardigan looks particularly great with the cowl shirt and beige trousers – very pretty outfit! I feel like the only person on the internet who hasn’t tried out a Jenna cardi yet – I have to add it to my top 5 things to make next!

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