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Me Made May 2017 – Week 1


This week has seen the start of my rapid underwear rotations. If I’m going to wear all me-made undies I’m going to be spending a lot of time making sure I get my laundry right in the next four weeks. For starters I have only 6 pairs of knickers that are me-made, two recent additions and some older pants made from old t-shirts, most of these are unblogged. I guess I could rotate these fairly easily, but with the weather being still cold and cloudy it’s taking a while for clothes to dry. Next, I only have this one bralette to wear and as activewear isn’t in my Me Made challenge, I just washed the bralette while I was doing yoga on Friday! I’m not sure how I’m going to keep that up!

The other major limitation has been with items that I use to layer up. It’s been relatively cold this week so the stripy wool jumper had a lot of wear. Sadly, I don’t have anything else of similar weight or warmth to rotate it with.

Here are my outfits for the last week. I think there is a real mix here of old favourites and new makes. The combination on days 2 and 4 is my Moss skirt from 2014 and my black surplice top from last year. A more recent outfit that I like is the purple 70s shirt made this year with my blue jeans from last year, that I’m wearing on Day 6.

Day 7 is a more interesting photo. You might just make out the steam engine in the background. With the weather starting to perk up we went for a walk along the Bristol to Bath cycle path. This part of the route follows the Avon Valley Railway line, a heritage steam railway line.

Taking a break at Bitton Station

Taking a break at Bitton Station!

View across Avon Valley, near Bitton

View across Avon Valley, near Bitton

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3 thoughts on “Me Made May 2017 – Week 1

  1. It’s great how the sweater goes with everything – ideal, I think.

  2. Great outfits, the weather would really help me too if it would warm up. I agree with Norma, your jumper goes with everything.

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