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Sewing The Seventies – What have we made? Get voting!


The last few days have been a bit manic for me I must admit. My brain is a little mashed, but I’ve got that euphoria that you only get when you’ve managed to get through a particular mind-scrambling exam. You’re probably wondering why on earth I made Sewing The Seventies coincide with an exam date – the reason is simple Sewing The Seventies was a definite in my diary before the wretched exam! What do they say about all the best plans……

Anyway, with no more ado, here are the participants:

Katie from Katie Writes Stuff

A very seventies bias-cut tartan skirt (Simplicity Pattern 6573) and a beautiful jumper with cables (Seventies pattern). You look cool even in 28 degrees heat!

By the way, melt downs are necessary when deadlines loom and does everyone I know who sews have a helpful cat? Watch the video here (That’s just a screengrab below from the video, just so that you get an idea of the outfit).

Meg from Pigeon Wishes

Meg has sewn a qipao or chongsam dress (Simplicity Pattern 5010). And if like me, you didn’t know, that’s the name given to Chinese-style dresses with a mandarin collar and slit skirt.

The dress is such a timeless classic design and the fabric certainly gives it a seventies vibe. There are more photos on Meg’s blog here.

You know what, Simplicity did such great wearable patterns in the Seventies, I don’t find it a coincidence at all that we’ve all picked one for Sewing The Seventies.

Vote below for your favourite. The voting lasts a week – I’ll announce the winner then! Good luck!


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5 thoughts on “Sewing The Seventies – What have we made? Get voting!

  1. This was a wonderful challenge and I loved reading all your posts about ’70s sewing. Alas, I knew I would not be able to participate because the timing was too tight for me 😦 I hope you might consider repeating it with an extended time frame because I have a lovely vintage ’70s shirtdress staring at me accusingly from my stash.

    Thank you again for all the inspiration and information! And congratulations to Meg and Katie! They made beautiful, wearable garments that really showcase that ’70s styles can bring in both practicality and imagination into the 21st-century wardrobe 🙂

  2. Thanks for running the challenge – it was so much fun to take part and I do hope you’ll run it again next year. I’ll have to consider much more light-weight garments next time, though! It’s impossible to predict the weather here in March, as it turns out. 🙂

  3. Lovely makes by both! and a great idea for a challenge!

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