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Sewing The Seventies – Inspiration Part 3 Bottoms


Have you ever noticed in the WordPress statistics the “Search terms” that people use to get to your site? Well, for some reason there seems to be someone out there on the electrical interweb, who writes profanities into their search engine, but mysteriously ends up at this website. They must be so disappointed! Anyway, I had just realised that I have written “bottoms” in my title, so I shall probably expect this person to turn up again in the next day or so. And yes, I hope they’ll be disappointed again because this post is all about skirt and trouser styles!

In the seventies, flares were undeniably in vogue for trousers and jeans.


I couldn’t resist putting this advert from the seventies in this post. Just looking at it makes me cringe….. did Lee think this advert was good in any way? Why oh why?


Despite, not seeing many flares in clothes shops recently, I have found that there are an abundance of contemporary patterns. I’ve picked out three from different pattern companies:

There’s this pattern with welt pockets from McCalls:


This pattern from Burda is styled more like a pair of jeans, but does have back darts:


And here’s the popular Baste and Gather Birkin Flares:


Now for the skirts; such of wealth of styles here! I suppose the decade started off with mini skirts, a hang-over from the sixties, but maxis and midis were also around too, particularly later in the decade.


My first choice is the Rosari mini-skirt by Pauline Alice. The version in the photo below looks just like the brown suede button-down skirt in the seventies montage above!


Next, I’ve chosen a simple A-line skirt from New Look:


Here are a couple of midi skirts that would look fantastic styled with some knee-high boots. First of all, the Berlin from Orageuse:


And here’s the Polly Straight Skirt from Named Clothing Patterns:


And it wouldn’t be the seventies without maxi skirts. The well-known Gabriola from Sewaholic immediately springs to mind:


If you are after a more modern take on the maxi skirt, there’s the Imogen skirt from StyleArc Patterns, which is designed for knits:


Fancy a bit of pattern drafting? Then here’s a maxi skirt tutorial from So Sew Easy.

Hope you like these selections. Let me know what you think.

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8 thoughts on “Sewing The Seventies – Inspiration Part 3 Bottoms

  1. I’ve been tempted by the Pauline Alice skirt but then couldn’t find it in stock anywhere. Some cool design features on some of the trousers! 😀

  2. I like the Burda flares. I have the magazine with that pattern but it’s designed for tall women and I couldn’t help thinking

    • I know what you mean about Burda patterns. They are somewhat on the large size for me too, but having said that my Burda makes have always turned out well – I think it’s because I need to do lots of alterations to the pattern, I spend a lot of time making sure my fit is good. With other patterns that are more my size, I can be a bit less attentive and it shows.

  3. Whoops! That it would make me look dumpy when shortened.

  4. I once made a top with ribbing on the sleeves and I called the post “striped and ribbed (for her pleasure)”. I got SOOOOO many hits on that post and I’m pretty sure it wasn’t what people thought they were going to be seeing!
    Some choice pattern selections here.

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