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Sewing the Seventies – Inspiration Part 2 Tops


Today I’m sharing some my thoughts on contemporary patterns that I think include some features of seventies styles. I’ll start with tops.

In the early seventies, the hippie styles adopted in the sixties were still around. I’ve collected a few photos from the decade – there are loose blouses made from floaty fabrics and tunics of various designs often with an ethnic look – Indian tunics or Hungarian peasant blouses.


There are lots of tunics and blouses that follow this aesthetic available. This Burda blouse is from October last year:


Kate & Rose Patterns are inspired by folkwear styles from Central Europe. They also have some amazing embroidery to complement their sewing patterns. This is the Roza blouse:


The Shearwater Kaftan is a another simple tunic design:


The Indie Sew shop also has a good selection of tunics from independent pattern designers.

Another look from the seventies is big collars and balloon sleeves (sometimes together!) There was also a trend for safari suits.


I actually found it challenging to find shirts and blouses that used this look; it doesn’t seem to be on-trend at the moment. But here are a few that I found:

First of all, this Vogue shirt fits the safari-suit style:


I also love the elegant Cuba Libre shirt from Capital Chic, which has a similar look:


This lekala blouse definitely has balloon sleeves:


And this flamboyant number from Vogue has the two together:




For warm layers, turtle neck sweaters were a popular design.


The Paola Turtleneck Tee from Named Patterns is a good basic design for this type of sweater:


Or if you have a favourite sweatshirt or t-shirt pattern, it is always possible to draft your own. Madalynne has a good method for drafting your own turtleneck sweater here.

Of course, these are just my selections. If you are on the hunt for patterns that follow a particular style, I have found that The Foldline website is a very handy site. The Search Patterns feature allows you to search not just for a pattern designer / company and garment type, but also to search for things like sleeve length, or neckline.


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3 thoughts on “Sewing the Seventies – Inspiration Part 2 Tops

  1. That Vogue shirt with the epic sleeves is amazing. I need a shirt like that in my life.

    I’m actually including a jumper as part of my #sewingtheseventies outfit (I’m hoping I can finish it in time…). There are so many fantastic knitting patterns in the seventies!

  2. I really like the Vogue shirt – including its fabric. Looks like a perfect fit with the ’70s.

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