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My Seventies Pattern Stash


Today, I’m going to take you on a tour of my pattern stash (or at least the 1970s patterns in it). Over the last few years I have collected, mostly from charity shops, patterns that interest me. I sometimes pick a pattern from Ebay or Etsy if I am particularly keen on it and it is hard to get elsewhere.

Maudella 5825 (no date)

I love the artwork on the front of this pattern. The lady in the sun glasses looks so cool. I also like the fabric combination that she is wearing – very bold and very seventies!


Simplicity 6576 (1974)

I particularly like View 4 on this pattern, where there is a different fabric for the inset at the waist and the collar. Although, I would like to make this blouse, I’ve not yet spotted the ideal fabric combination yet, so it’s a make that may sit on the back-burner for a while.

Simplicity 6576

Simplicity 5196 (1972)

This is one of my favourites. The pattern contains a shirt, bias-cut skirts and a turtleneck jumper. I do like it when I see a good-value pattern that contains a ready-made outfit. I have already made up a version of the sweater here, but this won’t be the only time I make something from this pattern, you can be sure!

Simplicity 5196

Style 2680 (1979)

This pattern is one of the few patterns that I have actually tried. It wasn’t a particularly successful make, because the fabric wasn’t good quality. I would like to make another top from this pattern as I liked the casual style and it was a comfortable top to wear, even though I didn’t wear it much.

Style 2680

Butterick 3065 (no date)

This is a pattern I got from Etsy. There don’t seem to be many jeans patterns from the seventies out there to pick up, so I grabbed this one when I saw it. I suppose it is because those of us who sew jeans are clearly mad and gluttons for punishment. Making a pair of jeans is a serious amount of sewing; they certainly aren’t a “whip-it-up-in-an hour” make.

I like that there are two views on this pattern and the button-fly in view A is an interesting design detail.

Butterick 3065

Butterick 5024 (no date)

These shirts are from the late seventies and I can see how much the styles have changed. The collars are less eccentric for starters. But this pattern is a good classic shirt pattern and comes with mandarin collar and pocket variations.

Butterick 5024

Style 1522 (1976)

This was a charity buy for a few pence. There are some patterns from the seventies that on initial look don’t look too inspiring. I suppose this is one of them. It’s surprising how the choice of fabrics can influence how I feel about a pattern. I just can’t see myself wearing the striped green or gingham version at all. But hey, a tunic in an indigo chambray, teamed with a belt, as in View 3 I think would look good. Could a version be made in a knit fabric, with a bit of tweaking to make it more body hugging around the hips and waist? I can see some possibilities in this pattern after all.

Style 1522

Simplicity 6451 (1974)

This pattern falls into the same category as the one above. Initial look and I’m not sure about this at all. I like green and brown, but these shades are really putting me off and this pattern is giving off polyester vibes for me. Plus, seventies ideas about layering are creeping in here. I had a teacher at primary school who used to wear turtle necks with unbuttoned shirts over the top, and the brown outfit is reminding me of her!

But I do like the dress in the middle. I think it could make a good summer dress. I can see it in a linen or linen/cotton, perhaps in a vibrant shade.

The trousers are a little odd though. Whoever puts a back zip in trousers, surely that must be inconvenient?

Simplicity 6451

Simplicity 5561 (1973)

This pattern could be either an elegant evening dress or a thrown-on summer outfit. Trouble is, although I like both designs I think these are patterns are for the lifestyle I don’t have. I can imagine wearing the maxi version to a evening event or ball during the winner. The jacket would work so well as an extra layer. I’m sure I would wear the shorter-length version all through the hot months of July and August in Italy, but sadly I don’t live there. I can dream though……

Simplicity 5561

Simplicity 7863 (1977)

A seventies classic here, this pattern is a wrap skirt. I’m sure this would be a super easy make considering it is a “How To Sew” pattern. I’m actually quite drawn to the View 3 variation with the extra ruffle, not sure why!


I’m come to the end of my seventies hoard, although I felt sure I had some more – they must be on long-term loan to my Mum.

Do you have any seventies patterns in your collection? Do they just languish there, or do you have a favourite that you have sewn several times? What draws you to rescue an unloved seventies pattern from the box in the charity shop?

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11 thoughts on “My Seventies Pattern Stash

  1. I think I only have one 70s pattern now. It’s a camisole type blouse and it belonged to my mum. I made one and liked it but for some reason it still just sits there.

  2. My collection is mostly (baby and toddler) from the 60s, but I recently fell in love with the 1920s!

  3. What a fab collection of patterns you have! If you like vintage patterns, I have a giveaway competition on my blog that you’ll love!

  4. You have some treasures here, which might otherwise have been overlooked. The seventies have some great patterns but you sometimes have to look past quite a bit of ‘interesting’ styling to see what’s on offer.

    There are so many wrap skirts in my collection! I seriously have to stop buying them, but when they’re so cheap, I just can’t resist. I might need to dig out some of my favourite seventies patterns for a future vlog – thanks for the inspiration!

  5. I’ve got a couple of big boxes of 70s patterns, they’re my favourites after the 60s! I love the exaggerated shapes of the decade and how so much of it is back in the high street shops.

  6. I love your collection! Look those halters and bell bottoms and the first one … the drawing of the blonde is perfect! My sister gave me all her patterns because she isn’t able to sew anymore. So my collection is all over the decades – but I love them!

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