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Sewing The Seventies

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In a well-timed coincidence the Monthly Stitch‘s challenge for February is to sew something from the decade you are born in. If you are a seventies child and like me, a monthly stitcher, you might be interested in the “Sewing the Seventies” challenge I’m running here. There’s even the opportunity to win a prize!

Sewing The Seventies – The Launch

Well that vote certainly did not go as we expected! Which is great 🙂 Looking at those results however…don’t think you’ve gotten off from those other two options 😉 Se get hunting because in February we’ll be sewing patterns from the decade you were born in. To the thrift shop! (Or Mum’s stash…) #TMSthroughtheDecades #TheMonthlyStitch

via Announcing the February Challenge! — The Monthly Stitch


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One thought on “Sewing The Seventies

  1. How convenient was that! I was delighted when I saw that announcement as the seventies are my birth decade, too. It was meant to be. 😀

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