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Sewing The Seventies – The Launch


Maxi evening dresses

The time has come! Sewing the Seventies has arrived! Without further ado, here’s the important information:

What is Sewing the Seventies?

It is a new sewing challenge to make clothing inspired by the fashions of the seventies.

The challenge starts today and you have until 26th March to sew your garment or outfit.


How do I join in with Sewing the Seventies?

You are all invited, no matter where you live.

  1. Leave a comment on this post if you are interested.
  2. Write a post about your seventies make in the next two months including at least three pictures of each make.
  3. The post must have “Sewing The Seventies” in the title
  4. Add a link back here to the Steely Seamstress site so that others can see what Sewing the Seventies is all about.
  5. Grab the Sewing the Seventies button. The code on my side bar can be copied and pasted into a Text Widget on WordPress, or you can download the image and use it on your site.
  6. I will share all your posts on this site towards the end of March.

I’m a slow at sewing, or I have lots of other sewing to do?

I know the feeling! Life just keeps getting in the way of my sewing plans too. That’s why the challenge is open for two months for more sewing time. I’m not in Team Super-Productive either – entering just one garment is fine too!

I don’t have any vintage seventies patterns?

No problem! This challenge is all about the seventies vibe, so using a modern pattern with a seventies look or a seventies-inspired fabric is great too.

In fact, I’m planning to write a few “inspiration” posts in the next month, with lots of suggestions, watch out for those!

Tell me now! What’s the prize?

I think I’m going to keep you all in suspense for a little longer! It will include fabric though – yay! And I am so sad I’m going to be giving it away, because I just want to use it myself!

Camouflaged at Kew

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23 thoughts on “Sewing The Seventies – The Launch

  1. This could not be more perfect! I absolutely love seventies patterns and I was planning to sew some anyway, so it will be great to be able to do it as part of a challenge.

    Quick question: Would it be OK to do a vlog about what I’ve sewn instead of a blog post? I could link to the vlog in a blog post, if that would solve the problem.

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  3. Loving this idea, I have just the stash….

  4. Oh, maybe getting a 70’s pattern sewn up will give me the gumption I need to tackle the February TMS challenge (which puts me with an 80’s pattern-yikes!) 🙂 Plus, I already have a 70’s pattern that I’ve been wanting to make for some time!

    • I think I’m going to be lucky with the TMS challenge as I am a seventies girl. I don’t envy you the tricky task of trying to find a likeable eighties pattern….and I used to admire the fashions on Dynasty so much!

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  8. I was waiting to see if i could actually finish my garment since it was the first vintage pattern I’ve tackled and yep 🙂 happy to say I’ll be joining this. Been thinking about the 70’s constantly since watching Good Girls Revolt xx

    • Excellent! I’m excited to see what you make. I’ve heard about Good Girls Revolt – not sure if I can see it easily here in the UK. Must admit I do like to spend a lot of time looking at the costumes /clothes when I watch films and TV! Mad Men was one of my favourite shows!

  9. Hey I’m joining in. Just made the first 70s item I had in mind for this. I have another planned but time may just get away from me…

    • Cool, glad you’re in! I know what you mean about time running away. I’m on my third seventies themed garment – but it’s turning into a monster – I’m having some fit issues basically. Not sure it will be finished anytime soon.

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  14. I’d like to take part too please

  15. Can I still participate?

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