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Happy Blogiversary 2017!


Happy New Year to you all and Happy Blogiversary to me!


Wow, this blog is now three years old! What is it that people say about musicians – that the third album is tricky? Well, I guess that is what I have found with blogging and sewing this year. It’s definitely been a tricky third year for me. for a number of reasons. Firstly, my Mum went into hospital this year for a hip operation. She’s much better now and the operation was definitely a success, but it was a worrying time. She lives a fair drive away and I stayed at her house after the operation, but the stay was made difficult by a work crisis. Without exaggerating, there have been several work-related crises this year and they have required overtime to sort out. In short, it hasn’t been the easiest time and sewing has had to take a back seat.

Strangely, looking back at my blog, I’ve noticed that this lack of time isn’t necessarily reflected in my blog stats. Surprisingly I managed 46 posts (slightly up on the previous year) and made 12 garments (again slightly more than the year before). But it is with some trepidation that I look back at my 2016 goals as I expect I have managed little from them:

Make some warm clothes

Well, this one I think I have made some contribution to. I learned to knit this year – quite an achievement. I made a scarf and a have half-made a shrug. I have also been more mindful to make more long-sleeved tops and trousers, rather than skirts and short-sleeved items so that my home-made wardrobe covers the winter season better.

Onion Scarf

Use my own embroidery designs in my garments

This is probably the most creative ambition here and having a tiring, busy year, it wasn’t likely to happen. Let’s hope I get to indulge my creative side more next year.

Have a wardrobe clear-out

This was just too much hard work and didn’t get attempted. I think it could feel rewarding, but I kept on feeling that the task was too daunting and I needed solid time to make a dent in my generally disorganised bedroom. Yesterday, Mr Steely and I bought a new unit to store CDs and DVDs and we have done some organisation in the living room,  so perhaps there is hope?


Meet other sewers

I attended my first meet-up this year, so I feel much more part of the blogging community and it’s a good feeling. I really enjoyed Sew Brum and you’ll be sure to see me again in the coming year. Perhaps I’ll be able to manage another meet-up too.

Sew Brum


Increase my skills in dyeing

I have done a little more dyeing this year. I finally had enough onion skins and walnuts to dye with these. They were both very successful as dyes and even better didn’t stink when they were boiled, unlike dock leaves! I did completely fail to grow any plants that could be used as dyes in the backyard. Everything, pretty much got eaten by slugs!

I’d really like to try some more dyeing and perhaps this year I could buy some plant-based dyes as well, such as woad and madder.

Weighing onion skins

I know many bloggers like to plan what they do for the next year, but when I consider how difficult it has been just to sew a handful of items and blog about them this year, I shy away from any planning. (Sometimes the blogging really did feel like a chore, not because I didn’t want to blog or sew. It’s just doing anything creative when I feel tired, feels like a chore.) So, I’ve decided to keep it simple. I’m keeping last year’s goals and adding just one new one to the mix.

Reduce my Stash

I have little storage space at home and the stash is just too big in its current form. I know this is going to be a difficult task as there is probably more than a year’s worth of fabric in there. The other thing I have discovered about the stash is that if it stays for a few months in the stash, it will probably stay there for years. I often buy with a purpose, but if not used immediately, I change my mind about the item I’m going to make. Next, indecision creeps in and finally I don’t make anything with the fabric as I don’t know what to make! I think that for me a policy of “Buy Then Make Immediately” seems to work best.

Are you a planner or just create on impulse? What works best for you?

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8 thoughts on “Happy Blogiversary 2017!

  1. Happy blogaversary! What a year! Your last paragraph about your stash is just me all over. Looking forward to seeing what you get up to in ’17 and hopefully we’ll see each other at Sewbrum 😃

  2. I think I’m mainly an impulsive creator. I just come across things that interest me and then often have a go at making it my way. I do plan some things but don’t always want to set myself deadlines. It’s always easy to get distracted from a plan by an impulse project and then the planned project stalls, sometimes never to be resurrected and finished!

  3. Happy Bloggoversary! I have just had mine as well, only 2 years old, though! Here’s to many more! Re stash, I think we need more fabric swaps, that’s the one sure way to make me take a good look at my stash and part with stuff.

  4. You seem to me to have done lot over the year. I hardly dare look at how few postings and garments there have been for me this year.
    Good luck with your stash reduction – mine’s small but there are pieces there that have been waiting years…

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