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#MMMay16 – Week 4 in which there were cloudbursts


This is my last MMM post this year. I delayed posting the last week as I wanted to debut my new shirt in the Monthly Stitch New to me contest first.

The first few days were in the UK, but at the end of the week, I was on holiday. I was hoping to have improved weather in Italy so that I could wear more summery clothes. Alas, the weather was a bit too rainy with lots of cloudbursts and thunderstorms!

So, here are my final outfits for the month:

MMM - Collage wk4

Top row:

Checked classic shirt, Black trousers (RTW), Khaki t-shirt (RTW)

Monochrome paisley skirt, Black surplice top

Purple Sorbetto top, Helicopter jacket, Brown cardigan (RTW), Lilac 3/4 length trousers (RTW)

Wide-legged linen trousers, Brown paisley top, Brown cardigan (RTW)

Corduroy trousers, Brown cardigan (RTW), White embroidered top (RTW)

Bottom row:

Beige Wolfie trousers, Checked classic shirt, Green t-shirt (RTW)

Red Sorbetto top, Brown hoodie (RTW), Beige 3/4 length trousers (RTW)

Red Sorbetto top, Brown hoodie (RTW), Blue jeggings (RTW)

Beige Wolfie trousers, Orange/purple 3/4 sleeve top (RTW), turquoise hoodie (RTW)

Balloon top, Lilac 3/4 length trousers (RTW)

Like last year, I used a spreadsheet to record my outfits and do a little analysis on what I wore. I didn’t make any special effort to wear all my me-mades or not do repeats.  I just wore what I normally wear, which these days contains a fair percentage of me-makes.

Colour Me-made tops RTW tops Me-made bottoms RTW bottoms Me-made cardigans / hoodies RTW cardigans / hoodies
Black 8  2  2  2  0  8
Grey 0  0  4  0  0  0
Red 5  0  0  0  0  0
Blue 2  0  1  3  0  2
Orange 0  1  5  0  0  0
Brown 4  0  0  3  0  12
Purple/lilac 2  0  0  3  0  0
White 1  2  0  0  0  0
Green 2  2  0  0  0  0
Teal/turquoise 0  0  0  0  0  1
Pink 0  0  0  0  0  0
Beige 0  0  7  1  0  0
Total 26#  7#  19  12  0  24*

*Hoodies / cardigans only worn on 24 days.

#For two days two tops were worn – t-shirt and checked shirt worn on top.

This year, I didn’t wear my one dress at all, but I did manage to wear skirts on 7 days (22.5%) which is about once a week. Strangely enough this was exactly the same as last year. Clearly, that is what I’m comfortable wearing and usually works out as 1 or 2 days of wearing a skirt at work. My activity levels at home mean that skirt wearing isn’t too practical.

Looking at my stats, I’m actually pleased that I have worn a me-made top virtually every day (26 days) and me-made bottoms roughly two-thirds of the time. I did wear some me-made outerwear, but I didn’t really include that in my statistics, perhaps I should? Perhaps I could even count underwear next year?

Now, time to talk to myself seriously. Cardigans. Yes, I acknowledge wearing cardigans which have holes in for a whopping 11 days in May. What is even more annoying is that these same cardigans had holes in last year too. I didn’t even get round to mending them. To quote myself from me-made-may 2015:

“There is one very obvious thing that leaps out of the statistics and that is that I do not own a single me-made cardigan………. Now I have the overlocker, I really must tackle some cardigan making.”

Sadly, I haven’t made a single one since last year! In the next year, I must make cardigans! And do you know what, the Monthly Stitch Swap Fairy granted me my wish and my swap included the Jenna cardigan from Muse. Thank you so much, swap partner! So, absolutely no excuses. I will not be exhibiting cardigans with holes in next year. No way!

Overall, I’m so glad I photo-recorded all my outfits. It was more effort and Mr and Master Steely, got seriously annoyed by my photography requests in May, but I can really see my outfit improvements compared to May last year.

Hope you enjoyed Me-Made-May this year? Did it turn up any surprising wardrobe gaps, or were you confronted by the blindingly obvious wardrobe omissions?



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2 thoughts on “#MMMay16 – Week 4 in which there were cloudbursts

  1. A very lovely collection! I found I need more casual clothes. I was stuck with nothing to wear after working hours.

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