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#MMMay16 – Week 3 in which my iron decided to die


We’re now three quarters through Me Made May. So far, I’ve managed to keep taking photographs, but this week I was hit with a mini-disaster. I have been busy making some items for Independent Pattern Month at The Monthly Stitch when my iron died. It just didn’t heat up when I turned it on. It was a bit frustrating as I really needed it for my next sewing step; sewing-related ironing always takes precedence over other sorts of ironing! Anyway, I decided, given the age of the iron, that a new purchase was necessary and I picked up this Morphy Richards Breeze iron in the shops.


Anyway, the iron is just my excuse for missing one day’s photography this week. I spent all of my lunch hour gazing at irons in a department store. Really, I had no idea that there was so much choice. Then the evening was spend trying out my “new toy”. So no pictures were taken, can I be forgiven?

Anyway, here is this week’s collage, with six photos, instead of seven!

MMM - Collage Wk3

Top Row:

Day 1 – Pink floaty top (unblogged), Brown 3/4 length trousers (RTW), Brown cardigan (RTW), Helicopter jacket

Day 2 – Pink floaty top (unblogged), Lilac 3/4 length trousers (RTW), Brown cardigan (RTW) – no photo

Day 3 – Blue patterned t-shirt ,  Brown cardigan (RTW), Wolfie Trousers, Helicopter jacket

Day 4 – Black shirt, Corduroy trousers, Black hoodie (RTW)

Bottom row:

Day 5 – Boho paisley top, Wolfie Trousers, Brown cardigan (RTW)

Day 6 – Red gothic shirt, Grey Moss Skirt, Black hoodie (RTW)

Day 7 – Black shirt, Monochrome skirt, Black hoodie (RTW)

The new iron has a ceramic base. I have found that my stainless steel-based iron tended to suffer with getting a “sticky” surface and this could really ruin the garment that I was ironing. I wonder if the ceramic base is an improvement? Does anyone else have something similar? So far the only thing I have noticed is that the iron suffers a little from static as I use it. Perhaps this is common with ceramic based irons.

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3 thoughts on “#MMMay16 – Week 3 in which my iron decided to die

  1. When I had a ceramic base I thought it was fine but I’m back with steel now. I must be hard on irons – they don’t last long (about 2 years). This one is the honourable exception – maybe I shouldn’t say that- it’s about 4 now & I’d like it to keep going.

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