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Happy Blogiversary 2016!



Happy Blogiversary to me!

Unbelievably, this blog is now two years old! I started this blog to document my change from clothes shopper to maker. Well, since I’ve been blogging I haven’t slipped up on buying ready-to-wear. Actually, this year it has been even easier; I suppose I’ve just changed my lifestyle. Evenings are spent planning and making my clothes and lunchtimes browsing fabric shops. I seem to spend quite a bit of time on my hobby, but it is a great deal more creative than shopping and watching TV. I don’t feel I’m missing anything. I feel that all this creativity in the evenings suits me, even if I can’t join in with the TV conversations with my colleagues!

Looking back at my goals for 2015, I’ve managed to accomplish some, but others have completely fallen by the wayside.

Buy an overlocker and sew some knits: I have bought an overlocker! It probably hasn’t has as much use as it should have had. I have made my first t-shirt and used it for finishing seams in the main.

Try some hand embroidery: I have made some silk shading embroidery following one of Trish Burr’s beautiful designs. But I would dearly love to embroider my own designs. I have plenty of ideas, but just haven’t managed to fit this in.

Don’t beat myself up with self-imposed deadlines and rush my projects: I have been practising slooooooow sewing this year and trying to enjoy the process as much as just finishing each project. I have scarcely made ten clothing items, but I’m certainly happier with the overall quality of my garments.

Socialise: Sadly, I’m still in my own sewing cocoon!

Stick to my sewing plan: I have miserably failed at this goal. I’ve got distracted, I’ve joined in online challenges I didn’t intend to join and made scarcely anything on the list was made. Actually I don’t really care. I have thoroughly enjoyed joining the Weaving Destination Fashion Show again and also joining the One Year One Outfit challenge.

There will be no sewing plan with individual items this year. This hasn’t worked for the last two years so I’m just going to give myself some general goals for the coming year:

1. Make some warm clothes

I don’t have enough warm clothes. I haven’t made many strictly winter clothes and I could do with some cosy cardigans and wool skirts Strangely, for the One Year One Outfit challenge, I didn’t use any wool, but I’m sure there are plenty of local possibilities with this.


2. Use my own embroidery designs in my garments

This goal got pushed out by other things last year. I have even created some designs on the computer, but haven’t got as far as stitching them. I’d also like to explore some historical embroidery designs such as those in Ackermanns Repository.


3. Have a wardrobe clear-out

I must tidy up my wardrobe, before it takes over the house. There are some clothes that are worn out. These either need to be cut up for rags and some favourites need to be dissected and turned into patterns so I can make replacements. I need to refashion the items that I think still have some life in them and there are others that I just need to bring back into rotation. I must admit I don’t relish this task much as I prefer just making things new, but it needs doing desperately. I can see an elaborate system of rewards to tempt me to get on with this.


Yep I need a rewards chart for this!

4. Meet other sewers

I don’t know any other people who sew and there is only so much (boring) sewing chat my family can take. I do find that my hobby takes a back seat compared to work, and spending time with Mr and Master Steely. I would love to go to a meet-up and see some real-life stitchers who share my hobby.


Where’s the cake?

5. Increase my skills in dyeing

I would like to try dyeing with some historic dyes this year. This is because dyes like indigo, madder and woad can produce really vibrant colours. I notice that Botanical Inks have an Indigo workshop. I could look at some of the many natural dyeing kits online or try to grow some plants, although that will depend on whether it is possible to grow enough in a couple of pots.


Indigo dyeing with Botanical Inks

Wishing you all a Happy New Year and success with all your endeavours in 2016!


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Sewing a new wardrobe

8 thoughts on “Happy Blogiversary 2016!

  1. Happy Bloversary to you and a Happy New Year too! I’m all for meeting new sewing friends. My family and friends are rather tired of hearing me talk about sewing! I watch tv and sew at the same time. Tv only needs less than half a brain and then I know what people are talking about too!

  2. Meeting other sewist would be nice! I try to talk at my husband but he just doesn’t get it! I’m located in AZ where you at?

  3. Congrats on your blogiversary. Botanical Inks looks great, I wish there was something similar near me. You could check out your local branch of the Guild of Weavers, Spinners & Dyes too, as that could be a cheap way to try natural dyes – depending on what they have planned for 2016. We should definitely meet-up at some point too. x

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