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Embroidery in Bath

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I went and saw an exhibition of the Bath Guild of Embroiderers work today. It was just in Bath Central Library and I really wandered in almost by accident; I was there to renew a few library books. The display was stunning and there was such a mixture of different types of embroidery on display, from patchwork and applique to goldwork and stumpwork.

Here are few photos I took whilst I browsed.

Bath Embroiderers 1

This pheasant is incredibly small. From what I remember the embroidered area was little bigger than my thumb! Such detail!

Bath Embroiderers 2

This medieval-like wall hanging was one of my favourites.

Bath Embroiderers 3

There are so may different techniques in this beautiful piece. I love how the bullion stitches are used to give the impression of fur on the dog.

Bath Embroiderers 4

And how about these stumpwork pieces? Sadly a photograph doesn’t do them justice, because you don’t get quite the same sense of three-dimensions.

Bath Embroiderers 6


Bath Embroiderers 5

I was so glad to stumble across this exhibition. I’ve dabbled a little recently in embroidery and it was inspiring to see this work, even if I am totally humbled by the Bath embroiderers’ skills.


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  1. Thanks for sharing what beautiful work! Inspiring.

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