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Well, finally I have an overlocker! I know it seems a little strange that it has taken me so long to get round to purchasing one, especially as I have been seriously sewing all my clothes for nearly two years.

There are a few reasons for this. First of all, I have found the concept of the overlocker a little scary. Four threads to wind around the maze of hooks and discs, just seem overwhelming. However, I did attend an Overlocker Workshop last year, so this helped to demystify the machine somewhat. Secondly, I just like wovens. I have always found it hard to find clothes that fitted, I did spend many years just wearing t-shirts and jeans (I know that jeans they are made from wovens, but there are so many styles that there is always something that fits). So, when I started sewing I desperately wanted to make the clothes that I hadn’t been able to wear. Fitted blouses, for example and skirts without elastic waistbands. It has felt great to be able to have so much choice. I’d been so tied up with making garments in woven fabrics, I just didn’t feel the need for an overlocker. Thirdly, I had so many t-shirts and stretchy things filling me wardrobe, I didn’t need anymore! All my t-shirts needed a bit more wear on the clock. Now they are all at least two years old, that it more the case. And finally, there is just a tiny bit of me that loves doing things the old-fashioned way. My old Singer continues to serve me well, but it’s finally time to drag my sewing into the modern era!

I bought my new machine from Sewing Studio in Bath, where I’d attended the workshop. I thought they were very knowledgeable and assured me that they would guide me through threading the machine for the first time. They even said they’d thread it for me again whenever I needed it, if I brought the machine in. (Apparently, they have many customers who do just that, particularly when they need to change the colour of the thread).

Overlocker 3

I was very persuaded to buy the Easy Thread machine that I had used in the workshop. It seemed easy enough to thread. It didn’t seem to be the most expensive machine for my budget, and I did wonder whether there were better machines. The staff assured me that they felt this was the best-valued machine on the market at the moment. I went with their advice.

So far I am very pleased with my machine. However, I have just been using it to finish raw edges at the moment, and I haven’t plunged into full stretchy sewing. I did have to re-thread it and with the help of the manual it didn’t take me long to sort the threads out again.

Overlocker 2

Look it’s been used – look at all that fabric fluff!

If there is one thing that I’m disappointed with it is the carrying case. It’s functional, but it smells badly of plastic and is a horrid brown and cream with flowers on it. Would a camera or a power tool have such a carrying case? Absolutely not, so why does an overlocker?

Overlocker 1

Anyway, I don’t think I’ve really put my new machine completely through its paces yet. Next month is Indie Sewing month at the monthly stitch and I’ve decided to create some more woven creations, just to be on the safe side. But after that I’d like to start making a t-shirt or two, or perhaps rolled hems on some lingerie.

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6 thoughts on “Taking the plunge

  1. Happy new machine! I guess this makes me the last holdout with no serger. 🙂

  2. Oh you will be so happy with it, once you get the hang of it! I just wish now I had a table big enough for both machines – there is lots of weigh lifting involved when I sew!

    • I’m unfortunately on the dining room table. I have to weight lift every time I sew. Strange how Master Steely’s airfix models have now taken up permanent residence on the one side of the table that isn’t used!

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