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Sewing Room 101 and Blue Monday Give Away


This giveaway is now closed.

Sad to say that the holidays are over and, like many, I’m back at work tomorrow. What better way to cheer ourselves up than with a giveaway!

I was doing some Christmas shopping last month when I came across the January edition of Sew magazine.

Sew Magazine

It’s a quite a mixture this month and includes interviews with Zandra Rhodes and Cath Kidston, inspired pattern choices from Caryn Franklin, and lots of makes, my personal favourite is the woodland cushions.

And not forgetting the Simplicity pattern that came with the magazine for a kimono style jacket and a top or tunic with pleats.

I have to admit this is the first time I’ve bought a sewing magazine in this country for a long time. Sew is a pleasant read and brim full of ideas and inspiration. If you are looking for easy craft and clothing makes, this is for you. One of the most useful things I thought in the magazine was the directory in the back. It was a really good list of sewing supplies websites; there were quite a few in there that I’d never come across before.

I bought two and thought I’d give one away as a thank you to all my readers. The giveaway is open worldwide and closes on Sunday 11th January.

One of the things that somehow annoys me more than I care to admit is when my bobbin runs out of thread, especially when I’ve only got another couple of centimetres to go on the seam.  Perhaps consigning threadless bobbins to room 101 is a little extreme. Possibly more of a sewing nemesis for me are sewing books. Perhaps I pick my projects badly, but I have come across real problems with all the patterns that I have tried to use from sewing books. Now bad instructions and patterns with errors in them should definitely be in room 101. Is there something that really annoys you?

Share below what exasperates you when you are sewing and I’ll pick a winner randomly. Happy New Year everyone!


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20 thoughts on “Sewing Room 101 and Blue Monday Give Away

  1. Oh god yes to bobbins running out. Gives me a little rage. Probably more so is when I run out of a specific colour of thread 1 hem away from the end. I either have to make it a design feature by using a different colour or get my lazy backside to a shop to buy more. I hate shopping so its normally the former not the latter for me!

    • That has just happened to me! I’ve run out of top-stitching for my jacket and I’ve tried two shops already and both have run out of it in black. Don’t think I’ll be finishing my jacket for the next two weeks now! Grrr…..

  2. Being somewhat gung-ho at times when reading instructions, I annoy myself when I blithely go ahead doing what I think is right, only to find that what I’ve done doesn’t work! Unpicking and reading the instructions in detail to achieve the right result often feels like a kick in the teeth!!!

  3. Well I must admit I hate cutting out fabric more than I’d like to admit. It would be nice to have a little minion who cut everything out for me so I could just sew! Lol often times this is what holds me back from starting a project.

  4. Finishing seams… I do it, but it makes me impatient. 🙂

  5. What bugs me most when I’m busy sewing is having to stop to make a meal, or let the dog out! Once in a while my sweet husband will understand that I’m trying to work on a project and don’t want to be interrupted, so he’ll suggest bringing something home to keep us nourished. He’s a keeper for sure!

  6. What exasperates me is when I have to use the seam ripper, if you know what I mean. Lately I’ve been getting a lot of practice w/ the seam ripper.

  7. I’m with you on the bobbin thread frustration!

  8. It’s frustrating to be midway through a project and suddenly the instructions make no sense!

    • Yes, there’s usually at least one weird instruction in a pattern that makes little sense. Although, I have noticed that the standard of instructions in indie patterns is really very good. Plus there is often a sew-along with helpful advice. I think it is such a good reason for using them.

  9. I hate it when the bobbin runs out before the end of a seam – it’s even worse when you find yourself sewing faster to reach the end before the thread runs out

  10. I hate it when I forget to pull my threads to the back and the needle unthreads as I take the first stitch. Now that I am gettin golder it is getting hard to thread the needle!

  11. Yep, it is one of those simple things we all know…..and forget!

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