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Happy blogiversary to me!

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Here I am! Wahey, I made it through the whole year and I’m still here writing my blog! I thought actually that I would struggle with no longer buying clothes, but since I had got to the point where I no longer cared very much about what I actually bought in a clothes shop, it wasn’t a big hardship at all. This year has been a journey, but like most travel, once you embark you think of many more wonderful places to visit.

So, here are my top 5 goals for 2015:

1. Buy an overlocker and sew some knits

I suppose I could have bought an overlocker ages ago. I even did a day-long course on the basics earlier in the year. However, I decided to hold off buying one, not for financial reasons, but because I was happy sewing wovens. Yes, overlockers can be used things other than sewing knits, but basically I didn’t want to “tempt myself” with knit garments. My ready-to-wear wardrobe has been limited basically since my Mum stopped making me clothes, to wearing t-shirts and jeans. Anything that isn’t stretchy just doesn’t really fit and jeans only work as they come in many different styles and can be done up with a belt. I’m probably not in a unique position here, I’m sure others struggle to find clothes that fit, but making my own clothes has meant that I’m suddenly able to wear garments that I haven’t bought for decades. Fitted blouses, for example, would be extremely tight across the back and if I bought bigger sizes everything else would be wrong – the armscye would be half-way down my arm and it would just look huge! Now I have some shirts that are flattering. In a way, wearing knits just reminds me of things that don’t fit, so I haven’t been rushing to go out to get that overlocker. But I think it is time that I increased my skill repertoire and sewing knits is definitely at the top of my list.No fear overlocker2. Try some hand embroidery

I really like quiet evenings chatting or watching TV whilst doing a little hand sewing. Most of my projects thought don’t need much hand sewing, perhaps a skirt hem or hand-sewing a waist band. I would like to try my hand at some hand embroidery. I think this will add a fantastic new dimension to my hand-made wardrobe. I have also discovered the delights of the Urban Threads website and some embroidery pattern shops on Etsy. Much to my delight, embroidery doesn’t have to be twee. There are some awesome designs out there for me to practise my novice skills.

Urban Threads

3. Don’t beat myself up with self-imposed deadlines and rush my projects

I am very guilty when it comes to both giving myself seemingly impossible deadlines and rushing. This is supposed to be a hobby, not work! Obviously, there are some deadlines that need to be kept, such as the deadline for the fashion show earlier in the year, but all the others were self-imposed. The worst thing was that they led me down the road to rushing and that is when things go wrong or if not wrong, the quality is compromised.

Now my hand-made wardrobe is larger, I shall take my time on my projects more. My focus is to make everything not just wearable, but make it to my satisfaction. Of course, that doesn’t mean perfect, it means, just being happy with the garment.


4. Socialise

Over the last year, I have learned buckets and gained so much support from the sewing community online. However, I have been a little too cocooned in my own sewing world. This is partly because I work full-time and I’m also a mum; sewing for me is something that gets squeezed in between everything else.

But I’ve seen how much the online community has to offer and my goal this year is to participate more. So watch this space in the following weeks!

Social MediaAnd that’s another cartoon from Jammy and Jelly, in case you wondered.

5. Stick to my sewing plan

Yep, I identified this as something that I need to work on. I get distracted too much. I have ideas floating around my head that I really want to make, then one of my fellow bloggers posts a new make and I just have to make one myself! This means that I’m going to make myself a brief list of makes below, but also give myself enough room for some distractions during the year!

Wardrobe crisis

  • Blue Linen Skirt – I haven’t worked with linen and it was on my to-do list last year. Also, I haven’t made many blue items this year and will be a welcome addition as I have many blue clothes for it to co-ordinate with.
  • Black Leggings – I will need the overlocker for this, but I think this is at the top of my list for overlocker makes.
  • Jeans – I’ve made some corduroy trousers and would like to perfect this pattern by making another garment with this pattern. Oh no, more top-stitching……
  • Bias cut skirt – This is another from my to-do list. I’m rather keen to work with fabric cut on the bias.
  • Fitted shirt – These are my favourite wears from this year. I’ll probably try a different pattern or maybe two. I’m really relishing getting away from wearing all those long-sleeved t-shirts.
  • Underwear – I’ll just make some knickers; my underwear drawer is reaching crisis, so this is a necessity.
  • Refashioning – I rather neglected this goal last year and I still have many items in my wardrobe that require a make-over or mend. I’ll give myself a target of three refashions for the year.

Notice that last year’s curtains are now off the list. I still need to make them, but it will be dull, dull, dull. I’ll buy myself a treat if I do get round to them. If I don’t, I won’t beat myself up about it.

All in all, not too big a list and there’s still enough room for some degree of distraction, given that this year I’ve made 15 items of clothing and did 5 re-fashions.

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One thought on “Happy blogiversary to me!

  1. Happy New Year to you too!
    I completely with number 3. I am very guilty of this. I rush through a garment as I feel I should have something completed by the end of the weekend and end up not enjoying the process as much as I should!

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