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Jordan Jacket – Progress Report 2


I’ve had a break over the last few days with visiting relatives, but before that I had managed to make some progress, albeit slow, with the Jordan Jacket.

After I added the pockets, the next step was to sew the front and back sections together at the shoulders and then at the sides. It was great to get this far as it meant that I could finally check the fit. I had actually made the jacket a little looser than the pattern advises. It states that the “pattern has a small amount of ease and is meant to be worn fairly close to the body”. However, I thought that a looser fit would make it more versatile in what I could wear underneath it.

The next step involved finishing the front of the jacket. The jacket is designed so that no facings have to be added; rather the front is folded to make the facing.

Jacket without sleeves

Next, I added the collar. I actually quite like the placements of the helicopters on the collar even though it wasn’t exactly intentional! The collar also involved lots more top-stitching. My favourite! If I was going to nit-pick here, I would say that because my fabric is quite different in colour on the right side to the wrong side, when the jacket is open at the front it is really obvious when you are looking at the wrong side of the fabric. I do wonder whether a lining would have added a more polished touch to the jacket. I don’t think I’ll worry too much about that for this jacket. After all, it is my first attempt and it is a learning experience. The pattern doesn’t have any instructions for a lining, so I’d be sewing off piste. I can see a future make for a warmer version of this jacket with a lining.

Now that I’m back home and have some time off work in the next few days I’m hoping to make some progress on this.

Close-up of collar

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6 thoughts on “Jordan Jacket – Progress Report 2

  1. I’m in love with the fabric!!!

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