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Finding my feet

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It’s not often I manage to make a pun out of my post title, but this title is quite apt. I’ve been hunting around recently for more feet for my sewing machine. My machine is an old Singer which uses screw-on feet and I’ve discovered more specialised feet are tricky to find. I have a standard foot, an adjustable zipper foot and the Swiss zig-zagger (can be used as a walking foot), but that is all I have.

On my recent Grainline Moss Skirt I added flat fell seams, to make it look even more like a “jeans skirt”, but I didn’t have the courage to top-stitch the seams in a contrasting colour, like I would have liked. My top-stitching was all done my eye and although it isn’t awful, I know there are tools out there that could help make this job easier and neater. So my search for an appropriate foot was started.

The Simple Seamstress, Kelsey, made a great suggestion with the edge-joining foot, but finding a foot that fitted my sewing machine proved a little difficult.

First of all, I bought a screw-on presser foot holder. This basically is an adapter so that you can use snap-on feet with my machine. I thought this was great until I ordered a snap-on foot and discovered it didn’t actually snap on. It seems not all snap-on feet have the same fitting and my adapter was compatible with only the narrow fitting.

Snap on foot

I then spent an enormous amount of time surfing the internet, using different searches for top-stitching feet, edge-joining feet, quilting feet and checking each, as far as I could tell, for its compatibility with my machine. Finally I seem to have found the foot I was looking for:

It is a screw-on foot and it is described as an “overlocking edging foot”. There are no instructions with my purchase, but it looks like all the edge-joining feet I’ve seen.

Edge Joining foot - screw on

Here’s my first attempt at using the foot for a bit of top-stitching. I lined the blade up against the seam edge and the edge of the fabric and it held my stitching straighter in each case. Of course, I think it will be a far more obvious effect when the seams or edges are longer.

Edge Joining foot - use

Are there any feet you’ve invested in recently? Did you find them such a pain to find?

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